150 orgasms but still a virgin!

Here at sextoys.co.uk we know all about toys and testing them! Our online community offers a testing scheme as well as members of our Vibe Forum reviewing for their own blogs, vlogs and sites. But nothing prepared us for the recent news of 20 year old Emma Richards who has reportedly had 150 orgasms (likely to be more now!) despite still being a VIRGIN!

The singleton from Leicester works in a restaurant for her main 9-5 job, but after hours, she’s busy testing and reviewing sex toys in the privacy of her own room!

…Boy is she busy!

Her side-career began when she went to buy some fancy knickers for Valentine’s Day last year, but came home with a sex toy instead!

Since then, Emma now reviews a whole host of adult products for an online store, saying: “No one loves me romantically so I fulfil that role myself — so to speak.”

She’s besotted now, saying of her new found career: “I can’t get enough of them. I would rather stay a virgin and use my sex toys than sleep with someone who wasn’t special.”

Her toys are now giving her up to three orgasms a week, meaning the very busy Emma has had over 150 in one year!

The explorative virgin was surprised when she first used a sex toy saying: “The first time I didn’t know what to expect. My legs were shaking like Bambi.”

Aside from battery operated toys, she also tests and reviews sexy lingerie.


Emma still lives at home with her parents, confessing that she hides the delivery packages from her mum and dad so that they don’t find out her naughty secret.

Currently, the job is unpaid, but she gets to keep the gadgets and has vowed to carry on with her raunchy reviews even if she does find a boyfriend.

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