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REV1000 Rotating Male Masturbator

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REV1000 Rotating Male Masturbator.

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The REVolution in male masturbation is here! Prepare yourself to experience the most intense climax ever with the REV1000. This male masturbator is a 7 speed, 7 function, rechargeable sex toy with a soft textured internal pleasure sleeve that caresses you as it twists, spins and rotates around your shaft. It has an ergonomically shaped handle and easy push button control that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand putting you firmly in control. No effort required! Apply lubricant (included) to the inside of the soft pleasure sleeve and slip your shaft inside the opening. Activate the REV1000 using the easy button control unit to experience the soft nodules as they stroke and tease you into submission. Make your way through the various combinations of speeds and functions - 49 in all! REV1000 has an incredibly powerful Japanese motor that when on top speed will get you off in an instant, but with various different speeds and functions at your fingertips you can make it last as long as you want. Tease yourself with the slower speeds and rotation, then REV up the power to experience the most intense climax you will ever have. A truly revolutionary toy you'll want to use again and again. The REV1000 is rechargeable and also comes with an international adaptor, spare pleasure sleeve and sachet of Sliquid lubricant.


  • Rotating male masturbator
  • Textured internal nodules for stimulation
  • 7 speeds
  • 7 functions
  • Rechargeable
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Easy to use control pan
  • Includes lubricant

Additional Information

Manufacturer Loving Joy
SKU N7755
Colour Black
Size (Imperial) 10.75" x 3.2"- 4.5" x 1.5" (insertable)
Size (Metric) 275mm x 80mm- 115mm x 40mm (insertable)
Product Rating No
Material Silicone
Feel Realistic, Soft, Textured
Excellent Review by Matt
I have tried a number of masturbators when my wife is away or I'm away on business ..

This one is the best yet the quality of the product is good, it's easy to use with many settings and speeds and the feeling is amazing works every time - it's my new favourite toy (Posted on 30/05/2017)
Only OKReview by Doja
This is a noble effort at making the world’s first male vibrator equivalent. While there’s no denying that it does get results, I must confess that I’m not a huge fan.

First, the good stuff: it’s well designed, has good battery life, is very nicely packaged, and offers decent variety considering that all it does is spin around. It is also easy to clean.

Now the bad: the insertion chamber is far too short – half way in and your head will be grinding against the base, which isn’t particularly pleasant. I also think that this product would benefit from having an insertion ‘sock’ rather than the hole it offers. This would provide better positioning options and create a slight suction – which can only be a good thing. Finally, the noise, which is frankly unacceptable.

Would I recommend it? Yes – as something different, but not at full price. Half price is much more reasonable. (Posted on 11/10/2015)
hellkat's reviewReview by hellkat
From the moment I first saw the rev1000 at sextoys.co.uk I knew I had to have one, being a woman you may think that's odd but I've always been fascinated by toys in general and male toys always hold a special pull for me, maybe it's penis envy or maybe it's just the fact I love being in control of my husband's pleasure either way this revolutionary new male masturbator has had me very excited.
The rev1000 comes in a very trendy black box with a blue design across it, no explicit pictures or designs that can spoil the look of a great toy.
The soft textured internal pleasure sleeve features rows and a rows of soft nodules designed to caress and tease you as it twists, spins and rotates around your shaft and as you cycle through the settings it brings you to a higher and higher state of ecstasy.
The rev1000 has an ergonomically shaped handle and an easy push button control that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand leaving you firmly in control with no effort what so ever unlike other male masturbators. With the rev1000 you don't need to move the toy up and down your shaft you just hold it in place and away it goes using a perfect design and power to excite and tantalise your every need.
For those of you who enjoy the motion of masturbation do not fret you can also use the rev1000 in this manner and according to my husband it gives the experience a completely new dynamic one of which he highly enjoyed.
REV1000 has an incredibly powerful Japanese motor that when on top speed has been boasted to be capable of &quotgetting you off in an instant. My husband has always had amazing staying power but with the rev1000 even his control was tested!
With so many different speeds and functions at your fingertips you have the ability to not only make each experience with the rev1000 different but you control how long these experiences last, tease yourself with the slower speeds and rotation, then REV up the power to experience the most intense climax you will probably ever have! My husband was very impressed by the rev1000 and it now had pride of place on his side of the bed.
Unlike other male masturbators we have tried the rev1000 pleasure sleeve has a firmness and texture more suitable to his desires so for that reason alone he would rate it far higher than any other and when you couple that with the revolutionary rotation technology and it's 49 different setting you really are on to a winner making it a toy you will want to use again and again.
The REV1000 is rechargeable so can always be ready whenever you are.
When it comes to cleaning the rev1000 it is incredibly easy, the pleasure sleeve and housing compartment comes away from the handle which holds the motor so you can easily wash your sleeve and it's housing in soap and water ensuring you have no fear of bacteria growing.
(Posted on 03/04/2013)
Sonatine's reviewReview by Sonatine
Delivered less than 24 hours after ordering, excellent service as ever.

Simply put, the best male masturbator I've tried so far, it actually lives up to the hype. No way was I waiting for the recommended 8 hours charging time, it got about 2 and was put straight to use.

Wow, just WOW. Noise aside (it's not THAT bad) the whole experience was amazing, and with so many settings there's bound to be one that is guaranteed to hit the sweet spot.

Not cheap, but definitely worth the money. (Posted on 03/04/2013)
stretch58's reviewReview by stretch58
Delivery was excellent. Knew exactly where and at what time my product would be arriving.
REV looks the part in terms of its slick design, appears fairly robust, discreet -
I have looked at lots of different types of 'male toys' Some are only fit for the 'bin' - cheap, little thought gone into design or quality of manufacture.
After looking at the REV 1000 and reading some feedback decided to go for it. Not a cheap option but one I thought would be worth the (Posted on 03/04/2013)
NOH8's reviewReview by NOH8
The Rev100 arrived amazingly quickly, ordered Friday lunchtime and it was here Saturday morning!

The unit is well packaged and comes with manual, UK plug charger, spare texture insert and lube. Noticing that the battery is lithium I ignored the instructions telling me to charge for 8 hours before first use. I have no idea why companies keep writing this rubbish, there is no benefit to a lithium cell in providing a longer charge. That is a leftover from NiCad days. A couple of hours charging and the Rev was ready to go.

The fitted texture was a bit of a let down. I tried all the program's on various speeds and it wasn't good. Then I fitted the spare more knobbly texture and, my my! What a difference! I found the best settings were medium speeds as the higher speeds were just too fast. The knobbles massaged my frenulum and foreskin and it built slowly into a very, very long and pronounced orgasm. It's rather strange having a machine wank you off without you having to do anything except lie back and let it happen. I could get used to that! I can see my wrist muscles withering away in the next few months lol.

Clean up was easy. Overall I have been surprised how different this unit feels to anything else I have tried. And I have tried a lot of things. If you are after a new sensation to tease your cock then this might be worth a go. It's a quality product for the discerning wanker! (Posted on 03/04/2013)
edn's reviewReview by edn
So. The REV1000. What to say about it...

...oh my!

Ermmmm OK maybe not terribly informative. Let's try again...

...Mmmmmmmmm. Swirly goodness!

It appears that incoherence may be a serious side effect of using the REV1000. Deep breath and last time!

The REV1000 is a rather funky piece of kit. It has a clean curvilinear design which makes it look more like a very expensive kitchen appliance than a sex toy. The packaging is much more restrained and discrete than you see in many toys; no scantily clad young ladies here. All in all it's something you could open in front of your mother without a single blush on either side.

When you get it out to have a play the toy basically consists of three parts. The handle which houses the battery, motor and controls. Attached to this by a magnetic coupling is a plastic cup with a soft silicon inner cup which does the real work. The final piece is a clear plastic cover which surrounds the rotating cup. Cleaning post use is a simple case of unscrewing the plastic cover (which I found needed a good wash also) and popping off the cup assembly and a good douse for both.

A quick word of warning here; make sure you are hard before use or you run the risk of getting caught in the plastic of the rotating cup which makes me wince just thinking about it!

The manual claims that you should charge the toy for eight hours before using it. Like I have that sort of patience! A good splash of lube and away I went.

It must be admitted that when you do switch on the whole discretion thing rather breaks down; it can only be described as loud. If you are particularly coy it does sounds more like a drill than a vibrator so I suppose you could claim you were just putting up some shelves.

In use the REV1000 is very different to any other toy I've tried. Most masturbators rely on ridges or nubs to enhance the process. The REV1000 on the other hand uses a rotary action which feels closer to a very talented blow job than anything else. There are a set of controls on the handset but when in use you may find that you lose the ability to fiddle with buttons so I found it best to pick a favourite program (2,3 and 7 were my favourites) and stick with it.

You get two interchangeable inner cups, one with quite fine extensions and the other which much thicker heavier ones. The quality of your orgasm is altered quite markedly by the cup you choose. The finer extensions give a longs slow burn and the thicker extensions a much quicker climax though in both cases the orgasm is very intense. Changing the cups is a bit of a pain but it's well worth doing to see which you like most. And of course the use of an interchangeable inner cup does give the toy producer the option of producing inner cups in new and exciting designs (hint, hint!)

All in all the REV1000 is a fabulous personal pleasuring device and in a just world should be the equivalent of the ubiquitous bunny in every discerning gentleman's top draw.

Just watch out for the incoherence after use! (Posted on 03/04/2013)

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