While Christian’s away, the girls will play…

Four months after the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon really came to heat, the trilogy is more popular than ever!

Unfortunately for some, the journey has ended already. Once you’ve finished the 50 Shades series – what comes next?

We’ve all been there, relentlessly reviewing the trilogy to our friends online and in person, browsing the web for funny 50 Shades related pictures (click here to look at ours on Pinterest), but nothing can quite satisfy the itch!

Luckily for you, at Sex toys HQ, we have a wide range of erotic literature to look at and a list of recommendations at the ready. After all, when Christian’s away, the girls will play…

A Girl’s Adventure by Chloe Thurlow tells a colourfully kinky tale of Greta May, whose life changes dramatically after meeting a stranger on the Tube. Her new friend Richard wants to play games, but she must remain obedient. Greta is introduced to a new world of sexuality, and along the way is spanked, exposed and even introduced to water sports!  A must read for those fantasising about a Sub love affair.

– Get your imagination flowing with The Best of Sommer Marsten by Sommer Marsden. The book is a collection of sexy stories, and will have your mind in a trance as you give in to the twists and turns of the storylines. Stories include a tale of a captivating Dom, and even one of a husband encouraging his wife to take advantage of her own fantasies.

– Neighbourhood Watch by Leslie Ashton brings you into the quiet little cul-de-sac of Cedar View. From the outside in, you’d never guess that there is a dominatrix at number 5, swingers at number 6, or that there is a curious relationship between the Smiths! Read this if you want to see a sexy story unravel.

If, however, you want to pass the time with your man, why not have a flick through 1001 Nights of Passion and Pleasure. Inject some variety and fun with anything from tantalizing foreplay to karma sutra positions. This unique split page has it all!

So, why not take a little look at our erotic library and see what tickles your fancy!?

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