Unusual sex toys and products you’ve probably not tried yet

Want to buy a new sex toy but already got most of the things you think you need? Now might be the perfect time to experiment with a unique sex toy or product that’s a bit out of left field. In today’s post I round up a few unique products from slippery sex goo to customised dildos – find your favourites and grab them in the bank holiday sale!

If you use code BANK30 this weekend you’ll get 30% off everything – so it’s a great time to try out something new! Here are some of my favourite unique sex toys and products that you might want to experiment with…


Slube Goo

This one goes first on the list because I did a little dance of joy when I saw we had it in stock at Sex Toys: Slube! You’ve almost certainly not heard of it before – it’s made by a very small British company, and they’re fairly new. But you’ll definitely be hearing more from them in the future because this ingenious product does something that nothing else I’ve found has managed to do: it turns your bath into a sploshy tank of gunge which provides the perfect start for an afternoon of rolling about with someone else, naked save for a coating of slippery, sexy goop.

I tried this with my partner (we began with the Gin Mojito scented one but Slube comes in lots of different colours and scents as well as one that’s neutral) and we had such a sexy, giggly, happy evening. Having run a warm-ish bath and laid out some fluidproof sheets on the floor of our bedroom, we poured the Slube crystals in the bath and were amazed at how quickly the tub turned into a gorgeous-smelling vat of green slime. Then, naturally, we both climbed into it naked and spent ages rubbing and wriggling against each other, getting all hot and bothered before we decamped to the fluidproof sheets for a slippery, sexy shag. Honestly I can’t recommend this enough: even if you’re not that into splosh, it’s so much fun to try this, and the giggling and slipping is an excellent way to get intimate with each other without too much pressure.



If you read the word ‘electra’ and immediately thought ‘no way is that going anywhere near my junk’, then welcome to how I felt a few years ago. I’d heard of e-stim equipment before, and even got close enough to watch someone being pleasured with it during a sexcapade a few years ago, but still I was nervous. After all, it’s electricity, so nerves are understandable.

But there are two things you need to know about e-stim before you either embrace it or dismiss it: firstly it’s very safe. If you follow the detailed instructions – of which there are lots that come in the pack with the toys, and even more on the ElectraStim website – then you will be able to enjoy the toys safely without worrying about getting too zapped. Secondly, you need to know that it is actually really fun.

E-stim isn’t all about pain – though it can be, if BDSM is your bag. The tingles that you get when you use the flick pack to turn up the sensation go from ‘delightfully zingy’ in a pleasurable way to ‘crackling zaps of actual pain’ if you want to push things a little further. But don’t ever feel like you have to turn the dial up to 11: pick the setting that works best for you and prepare for one of the most unusual sexy sensations of your life.


Textured/shaped double dildo

I’ve seen a lot of double-ended dildos in my time, usually at least shaped in a fairly phallic way. This Alive Luna Silicone Double Dildo is a bit different though: it’s beautifully shaped with curves that are designed to caress your G-spot or P-spot, giving you extra stimulation while it’s inside.

And honestly, there’s something ridiculously hot about double ended dildos: you get the intensity of shagging your partner and the fun of being shagged at the same time. Experimenting with rhythm, speed, and power until you find the perfect tempo for your sexy time.


A dildo shaped like your own cock

If I had a cock of my own, one of the first things I would do would be to create a dildo in exactly its size and shape so I could use my penis as a sex toy in its own right. Seriously – how cool is that?

This clone-a-willy kit will do exactly what it says on the tin: clone a precise model of your own willy out of silicone. The fabulous Violet Fenn, who is a journalist for Metro, tried out one of the ‘Clone-a-Willy vibrator’ kits with hilarious and fun results, which makes me think that the journey to creating your own cloned penis will be almost as much fun as using what you create.

Only ‘almost’ though: surely nothing can beat the sensation of holding your own penis in your hand while using your cloned penis for a bit of anal fun? If any of you have done this and you’d like to share your joys, I’m all ears down in the comments section…


Turbocharged anal vibrator – the Doxy Don

While we’re on the subject of fun anal sex toys, if you’re into feeling power against your prostate you might want to consider investing in a Doxy Don. It’s a small, odd-looking thing, just slightly bigger than a clenched fist, with a short nub that sticks out the top. It packs the kind of punch you expect from Doxy toys – i.e. a hell of a lot – and it’s designed to have the small nub inserted anally.

While maybe a little small for anal afficionados who want something big and thick, for those of us (like me) who prefer smaller sex toys when it comes to anal, this is the perfect combination of size and vibration power.

It’ll give you incredible sensations if you have a prostate, and even if you don’t it’ll tingle you in a delightful way – and for me it works brilliantly if I use it during sex. The vibrations travel from the vibe into me, then thus straight through the walls of my vagina and vibrate my partner’s penis too. The definition of ‘win/win’.


Found something you like the look of?

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