Tickle me Tuesday Offer!

Be prepared to be tickled with delight this week after you find out that the Tickle Me Soft vibrator is only £10.00! (RRP £27.49)

This bobbly little vibrator is covered in soft and sensuous tantalizing ticklers to tempt and tease you with an angled tip perfect for precision probing. The ticklers get longer at the tip to ensure a tickle for your hot spot!

Extremely powerful, the Tickle Me Soft has multi speeds and is waterproof, which is great for bathtime tickling too!

One of our customers reviewed the tickler, saying:

Very soft and gentle where it needs to be with amazingly strong multi- speed vibrations! Just twist the head to the strength you need 🙂 compact and small enough to fit discreetly in your handbag. The head is flexible to a certain extent. The soft nodules reach and tickle in all the right places with exact precision.



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