SHEWEE – putting an end to pee envy

It’s festival season, great music, summer sun, good times with friends, porta loos – YUCK!

If the thought of hovering over a stink infested hole whilst intoxicated fills you with dread, you need to get yourself a SHEWEE.

The SHEWEE is an innovative toilet tool which enables ladies to pee standing up.  They simply place the cupped end over their lady bits and the carefully constructed funnel transports the pee in a stream away from the body – just like a man.  Simply shake (it has a liquid repellent coating), place it in the plastic bag provided and pop it in a handbag  or a specially designed pop top case,  also available.

And though we don’t like to promote peeing in public spaces, the SHEWEE also comes in handy if the toilet queues are too long or you simply can’t stand the smell.

You don’t have to limit your SHEWEE use to festivals, we’re pretty sure once you see how easy and convenient they are, you’ll be hooked.  SHEWEES are brilliant for long car journeys, camping, skiing, those with disabilities, when you need to give an urine sample , or simply for smelly toilets.

Us ladies in the office LOVE this product.  Infact, I have had to put a ban on them stealing stock to give you lot the chance to buy!

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