presents the REV1000 – a REVolution in male pleasure

In the sex toy stakes, men have for too long drawn the short straw. While the rabbit revolutionised perceptions of female sex toys and opened the doors to whole new realms of self-pleasure, male toys have remained strictly out of the mainstream…until now.
The REV1000 Male Vibrator is a ground-breaking male masturbator, designed to bring male sex toys firmly into the 21st century. With 7 speeds and 7 functions, it offers an incredible 49 different pleasure combinations, all created to give a wide range of pleasure sensations. Unlike other masturbators on the market, it’s sleek, discreet and incredibly easy to use – perfect for both seasoned thrill seekers, and those looking to dip their toe into the world of sex toys. Monique Carty, Managing Director of, says:“Finally we’ve created a desirable male sex toy! Our consumer trial found that while 79% of men happily use sex toys with their partners, just 21% have experimented alone. We’re pretty sure this is down to a lack of ‘cool’ sex toys for men and this was something we wanted to remedy! “Men love sex and they love gadgets so the the REV1000 is quite simply, the ultimate male must have. It’s perfect for first timers as it allows you to control every move – and offers such an intense and unique experience, it’s also a must-have for those already in-the-know.” Inside the sleek, discreet outer of the REV 1000 body is a soft pleasure sleeve that caresses as it twists, spins and rotates around the shaft. The ergonomically shaped handle and easy button control unit puts the user firmly in control as the soft nodules inside the sleeve stroke and tease you into new realms of pleasure. With an incredibly powerful Japanese motor and 49 different pleasure combinations, the REV1000 allows you to stimulate at a variety of speeds, making the experience last as long as you like. In fact, over 70% of those who tried it said they would recommend the REV 1000 for building stamina to help them last longer during sex. The REV1000 is fully rechargeable and comes with its own charger and international adaptor. Available from and costs £119.95

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