Put it on Ice: Top products for Summer heat

As we all know, the weather across England has been lovely….lovely and HOT!

For those of you that feel a bit sluggish in the heat and can think of nothing worse than getting close and kinky with a lover or loved one, we’ve got some serious game-changers to help turn sweaty into sexy!

Touche Ice Massager – £21.95

Simply fill the base with water, freeze and you have the equivalent of a vibrating ice cube!

Enjoy the coldness and sensation of melting ice with added vibration and none of the mess. Voila!

Once you have frozen your massager, pop in the bullet and activate by pressing the button on the top, a single speed of vibrations can be felt from the silicone grip all the way down to the tip of the iceberg.

If the cold gets too much, simply flip to the silicone end with stimulation grooves.


Kissable Ice Creme Cooling Lubes – £9.95

Treat yourself to a selection of delicious Ice Cremes in the heat without chasing the van down the street!

This set of mini cooling lubricant cremes deliver a great super smooth and creamy sensation with a gentle cooling feeling.

Four delicious kissable flavours perfect for carrying in your handbag!

Easy to apply, they moisturise as you apply and don’t slip and run like liquid lube.



Doc Johnson Cool Reflections Glass Wand – £39.95

Great for sensory play or simply cooling yourself down, just pop the Cool Reflections Glass Wand in the fridge or freezer for a chilled, sensual sensation.

With a stylish and elegant curved design, this dildo reaches those special parts of you perfectly.

There is a central curve as well as a tip angled specifically for G-spot pleasure.

Finished with a pull cord to the end for extra convenience, this dildo is easy to clean, phthalates free and completely hygienic.

Enjoy all the exquisite pleasure of glass toys with the Doc Johnson Reflections range.

Touche Ice Lube – £7.95 (per bottle)

Not only is this water-based product a yummy edible flavoured lubricant, it’s a massage oil and most importantly,  it’s freezable! Making it perfect for filling up your ice cube tray or using with an Ice Massager for hair raising sensations.

Five sumptuously tasty flavours: Chocolate, Forest Fruits, Lemon, Vanilla and Strawberry – each come in a spray bottle for easy use and smell gorgeous too.

Latex safe,  so perfect for using with condoms.



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