New from Lelo

I’ve always loved Lelo products.

As well as looking gorgeous, they perform well and are presented beautifully.

So, I was super excited when our latest delivery arrived. As well as sex toys and accessories, Lelo has now ventured into the land of lubricant and massage oil.

Oh “standard” I hear you say , but this is Lelo and this is no ordinary massage oil and lubricant.

When the Massage Oils first made their way on to my desk I was blown away by the beautiful bottles. Looking more like a perfume bottle, they would look great on a dressing table and each of the 3 fragrances’ is identified by the colour of the lid.

It’s formulated with Vitamin E, apricot kernal, grape seed and jojoba to nourish and care for your skin, so it feels amazing. Plus, it also contains 24K gold flakes to leave your skin radiant and luminous. So as well as being perfect for erotic massage, I would use it as shimmering oil for a night out to give my skin that glowing, sparkling effect.

The three fragrances are:

Balsam Fir and Bergamont. A cool summery fragrance.

Fresh lily and Musk. A floral bouquet of fresh lily and earthy musk.

Spicy clove and Amber. Soft and seductive

At just over £25, I think this is a stunning product and would make a great gift.

The Personal moisturiser is a water based lubricant that comes in two different formats. A 75ml tube which is great for travel and easy storage and a 150ml glass bottle that again looks more like a perfume bottle.

Unlike some water based lubes it’s silky soft, non greasy and long lasting. It also has an added Aloe Vera so it will nourish and moisturise your skin.

It’s also glycerine and paraben free, hypo allergenic and non staining. Well you wouldn’t expect anything less from Lelo would you?

Stick this on your dressing table, it’s completely inconspicuous!

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