Naughty chocolate treats in time for Easter

It’s almost Easter and that means a feast of chocolate indulgences!

Chocolate contains ingredients that boost the naturally occurring ‘feel-good’ chemical (serotonin) in the brain. It’s true and proven, chocolate actually makes you happier!  We don’t know anyone who doesn’t like chocolate – so make sure you combine your foody and sexual lusts, courtesy of this Easter.

We have a huge variety of chocolate based treats to satisfy him and her. These are just part of the entire ‘edibles’ range we stock, perfect for either intimate days and evenings together, or as an ice breaker or conversation starter at parties

Naughty Chocolate Treats

We have a succulent and saucy range of chocolate boobies and willies in stock for you this Easter! Snacking on these is sure to lead to fun in the bedroom later. Suggestively slip them into your mouth and give your partner ideas about activities to come. Whether you want the satisfying size of the Solid Chocolate Willie or sample the exquisite taste of Fifi’s Boobies au Chocolat, these low priced delicious temptations will provide a feast of fun.

Chocolate Lubricant

That’s right, we said chocolate lube! Instead of the usual fruit flavours of lubricant, why not make the most of the theme and keep some chocolate lube in the bedside drawer for your Easter lovemaking. You can choose from either Splash chocolate flavoured lube, which is also vegan friendly, or the freezable Touche Ice Chocolate flavour lube to give you the right kind of chills at the end of a hot day. Add in some chocolate flavoured condoms and it’ll be a real party!

Chocolate Body Paint

Ditch that picnic pack and paper plates – why not enjoy Easter choccy treats from one another instead? With our chocolate body paints you can create your own erotic meal to be enjoyed whenever and however you like. A novel and delicious way to spice up  your playtimes together and a great type of foreplay, chocolate body paint will keep you both satisfied this Easter in more ways than one.

Try the different flavours of the brand new Shunga Edible Body Paint with applicator brush, the Shiatsu Body Painting Chocolate which includes a china bowl or the budget priced Chocolate Body Paint with Brush.

Clone a Willy Chocolate

Can’t get enough of your man? Make him even tastier by cloning your favourite part of him in gorgeous solid chocolate! The Clone a Willy Chocolate Moulding Kit makes it simple for you to get your own chocolate version of him. Just follow the instructions to get your tasty prize! You can enjoy doing this together as an Easter (or any time of year) project, it’s such a fun way to get even closer and spend some sexy time with each other.

So don’t restrict your pleasure this Easter – indulge yourself and a lover with our collection of chocolate flavoured delicacies and inject the feast into your fun and frolics!


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