My Christmas Top Five

Every year I get super excited about ordering for Christmas.  We have a buying team, mainly because the world is made up of all sorts and as clued up as you might be as a buyer, with new items it’s always good to make a team decision.

This year we’ve had a particularly good selection to choose from but as always I have my favourites, so here they are:


  1. So at number one is the stunning Seven til Midnight Caring is Sharing. I love this.  Not only is it super flattering, it gives a whole new meaning to present giving.  I haven’t got a partner, but if I did, I’d probably build the anticipation through the day telling them that the best present of all will be coming later and make sure I give him a Christmas to remember!
  2. With the stress and pressure of creating the perfect Christmas we can sometimes forget and even lose the desire to have sexy time with our loved ones.  These I.O.U A Merry SexMas vouchers ensure that you take the time to have some festive frivolity.  From a passionate kiss under the mistletoe to a full body massage – this book of 25 vouchers is great for putting the spice into Christmas.  Start on the 1st and make your way through them to Christmas Day!
  3. Anything that combines a teddy with a sex toy is genius in my eyes!  This gorgeous little set consists of a plush quality teddy, a massager with interchangeable heads and pheromone infused massage oil.  I’d love to get this under my tree.
  4. When it comes to sexy presents, Christmas is a great time to buy your partner something that you have always wanted to try.  Personally I really want to try a We Vibe  3 so If I had a boyfriend, he (or should I say we) would be getting that in his stocking.
  5. I love the Jimmyjane Afterglow Candles and the Gingersnap one reminds me of Christmas.   When you light them the aroma is lovely and once they’ve been lit for a while the soy wax turns into an indulgent massage oil ready to be poured onto the body.  I already have the Bourbon one which I love but Gingersnap would be ideal for Christmas.

So on that note I’m off to add them to my wishlist 😉



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