Keep your libido A-Glow with our Glowing Sex Toys!




Halloween with soon be here – and with this in mind we welcome some fantastic glowing sex toys to this week!









The Glow Stroker Pierced Pussy is fantastic for boys who have ever dreamed of sex with a woman who has a clitoral piercing, whilst this Glow Stroker Pierced Lips gives that firm metal pressure from a lip piercing to maximise the experience. Both glow in the dark for a novel effect and are priced at just £21.45 each.




If Cock Rings are more his thing then take a look at the Screaming O: Big O Glow (£15.45). With 9 functions there is certainly enough variety to keep both him and her satisfied through several sessions, never mind one night! The ring is super stretchy and there is a glowing light that synchronises with the motor’s function to add fun and spice. It is also waterproof AND has replaceable batteries!






For the ladies, we’re sure the Warm n Glow Vibes Vibrator will appeal. In a choice of purple or pink and only £18.95 each, these vibes glow as well as warm as they vibrate. Perfect for the season! There are two speeds of vibration as well as a flexible and easy to angle head to reach wherever you wish.






If you are feeling really daring you could try the Glowing Dance Pole (£99.95) – and get those important muscles exercised! As well as getting fit for the bedroom, you’ll look pretty sexy as you bust some raunchy moves for a partner around this sturdy and low priced dance pole. It even comes with its own DVD and storage bag.

Find all Glowing Sex Toys at today and really light up your love life – literally!





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