Hot Octopuss Present: The Evolution of Masturbation

By now you will have hopefully seen or even own the Pulse by vibrant new pleasure brand Hot Octopuss. Well, still sticking with their gritty, urban yet sophisticated style but adding a good old dollop of sense of humour, their latest viral video campaign is bound to have you giggling at your desk or on your commute!

Starting off in the 1950’s with a box of tissues, the tongue in cheek video takes the viewer through the timeline of masturbation aids throughout centuries up to present day…when the Pulse arrived to save the day!

In a quote, Adam Lewis, creator and co-founder of Hot Octopuss said:

“To really drive the message home, we created a video that we knew would put a smile on the faces of men all over the world. We sent out a questionnaire to 100 guys and believe it or not, all of the props used in the video were suggestions from people who had at some point in their lives used them as a masturbation aid. Once you have seen the video I am sure you will agree that it was about time someone invented Pulse. There’s a real buzz around the Pulse and we’re very excited to see how it goes down.”

We’re loving their style and look forward to more excellent video content from their Youtube channel soon!

To see what all the fuss is about, get your very own Pulse here.

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