Give the gift of gorgeous glass with the Icicles Collection

We are proud to present the brand new Icicles range of glass toys here at!

This superb and beautiful collection of artistically designed and expertly crafted dildos and vibrators all feature the spine tinglingly erotic sensations provided by that sex toys connoisseur’s material of choice, glass.

Whether you prefer the smooth probing of a phallic dildo, the sheet clenchingly orgasmic bliss from glass vibrators or perhaps something a little bit different with the mind blowing Tentacle, there really is something for everyone in this new collection.

Icicles Glass dildos would make a perfect gift for the one you love this Christmas. Why give them roses that will fade in a short time when you can give them a Romantic Rose from Icicles instead? There are other flower inspired toys too that are ideal as present ideas for the lady in your life.

If you’re not familiar with glass toys and their benefits,  check out our materials page here .

You can find the new Icicles range, as well as all of our glass sex toys, at

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