Get a grip – Tantus Anaconda joins the team

The recent release of the Tantus Anaconda is getting everyone in a stir of late.

As if the excitement of not only a high quality brand adding another A-class product to their arsenal wasn’t enough, the product in question being the answer to all your deep penetrative and thrusting prayers is enough to make you come over all breathless and have you reaching for the credit card.

Bit of trivia for you: An anaconda is one of the largest snakes in the world.  So it us pretty fitting for this dildo to be named after it!  This big boy is made for thrusting thanks to the added easy-grip handle which you could also insert if you so wish! A great solo or couples toy, it’s not harness compatible but gets the job done for those looking for some extra purchase during their thrusting sessions!


The girthy, muscled shaft is made of tough stuff using only the best unique blend of 100% Ultra Premium Silicone and the handle is bendy for you to access those hard to reach areas!  We’re also a fan of the sculpted, realistic head that adds a little extra filling sensation when in use…

The measurements are as follows:

Total length – 11.5″

Insertable length  – 7.25″

Head starts at  – 1 3/8″ in diameter

Directly beneath the head is the  maximum diameter – 1.75″ and the circumference at this point is 5.75″

Handle – 1.25″

Base is 2″ across

We are just as excited to have this product at sextoys as you are and look forward to hearing all the excited tweets and reviews in the not to distant future!


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