Free Yourself – Liberator

Above: The Liberator Hipster (£149.95)

Imagine perfectly precise positioning, every time!

Liberator sex furniture literally has the edge when it comes to pleasure.

This brilliant brand will transform your ordinary endeavors into delightful new ventures. Liberator’s ergonomically designed products will prop and position you and your partner to bring great sensations to those hard to reach sweet spots!


Featured: (L>R) Wedge; Hipster; Black Label Wedge Ramp Combo; Bon Bon

Great for beginners:

The Liberator Hipster is an addictive addition to any bedroom! Revolutionary in design, the high and low curves of this soft yet firm pillow allow for intense entry and optimal penetration methods.

Whip out the innocent looking Hipster and see where the mood takes you. Use it to jazz up the simplest of missionary and oral positions, or maybe get adventurous and see how creative you can get!

Top tip: Contouring perfectly against the body, the Hipster is perfect for leveling your hips and hitting her G-Spot from behind.

Take a look at the gorgeously crafted selection here. Your sex life will never be the same again!

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