Embrace your curves – with style!

We live in what is fast becoming a body positive age. This is great news for women, who for years have battled with stereotypes and the media to be able to flaunt their curvaceous assets with confidence!

Recent research has proven that the majority of men, when asked which figure they find most appealing in a female silhouette line up, choose from a UK size 16 upwards. The sinuous, feminine curves are engrained upon the male brain and they respond to a voluptuous woman almost innately.

With this in mind, you can feel at ease and dare to bare your curvy body with confidence if you are a larger lady.

In the past, shopping for sexy lingerie, if you were plus sized, has been anything from a chore to a downright difficult task, due to the lack of both awareness and availability of the kinds of seductive styles that both women and their partners find alluring.

Here at Sextoys.co.uk we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new Plus Size range, where you will enjoy a pleasant and sexy shopping experience filled with a variety of tempting, seductive pieces of lingerie and nightwear to suit your body’s every curve.

Seven til Midnight have recently released their new plus sized Baby Got Curves range, which we are proud to include in our plus sized section, for your perusal and delectation. The elegant, flattering, curve confident pieces are sure to make you eager to strut your stuff whether in the boudoir or elsewhere!

Whether you dress to impress in Cami and Cuffs, a bedtime babydoll or a more floaty chemise style, we have a style that both you and your body will love. There are also some gorgeous plus size corsets that you may choose to wear on a sexy night out.

Check out our entire Plus Size range to see the selection we have available.

Curves are sexy – so smile and be proud!

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