Crystal Clear Pleasure with Fleshlight Ice

It is a well known fact that Fleshlights offer first class pleasure for men, but have you ever wished for a new sensation? A refreshingly kinky, voyeuristic style, perhaps?

Men are renowned for being visual creatures and Fleshlight Ice gives the perfect visual fantasy for solo pleasure.

Fleshlight Ice offers crystal clear material that is still as sumptuously soft and irresistibly realistic as the original Fleshlight range. The subtle nuances of the Ice range will leave you feeling thoroughly satisfied, and the choice of openings and internal textures to take you to your orgasmic destination.




Mouth – imagine full, pouting lips, waiting to welcome you inside, caressing you tightly and sucking you to fruition…. this is what you will experience with the Mouth opening style.

Vaginal – like petals opening to reveal that most precious of blossoms, the vaginal entrance gives you access to the world of lady loving, formed to resemble a gorgeous pussy entrance that you won’t be able to resist plunging into.

Anal – the anal entrance is for those who love the thrillingly hardcore action of the backdoor entrance. Imagine bending her over and taking her just as she likes it. The anal entrance is sinfully delicious – give it a try!




Original –  The classic, original texture is designed to embrace you tightly and caress you completely. Designed to be as near to the real thing as possible for maximum fantasy impact.

Speed Bump – Enjoy a deep erotic massage for your member with this bumpy texture, where the pleasure nodules feel amazing as you move against them.

Wonder Wave – You’ll soon be experiencing a tsunami of your own, as you ride the Wonder Wave texture for some sinuous satisfaction.


Fleshlights also make ideal thoughtful and luxury gifts for your partner. Sex toys are no longer limited to being the sole domain of a female audience, now men can have enhanced pleasure literally in the palm of their hand.

Why not take a look through our Fleshlight range at – with the lowest prices in the UK and free discreet delivery, you’re at the right place to find the right Fleshlight for you.


For further information on the Fleshlight range including care of your Fleshlight, please see our related blog post here.

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