Connecting Couples…Via Wi-Fi!

With the rise of the digital age I think we can all agree that we are all definitely more ‘connected’. Whilst this is a great thing, it also has been to the detriment of our physical contact, spending more time staring at a phone screen than at each other.

But rather than fretting about this, American pleasure product manufacturers OhMiBod have worked with the new shift in intimacy and decided to create a massager which could be used in conjunction with a mobile phone!

The beauty of the blueMotion is that you can get a thrill wherever you are! Whether you’re a solo player or have a partner in crime, all you need is an Android or Apple mobile phone and one of these amazing massagers in order to get up to no good.

The key to this modern pleasure-giver is the downloadable app which unlocks the power to control this quirky vibe. It’s simple to use too (even if you’re a tech-phobe!), just connect via Bluetooth for close-range teasing or even Wi-Fi for international pleasing! So you could be sharing pleasure with a lover on the other side of the world!

With stunning features, including: built-in pre-set vibration patterns to enjoy, your journey to ecstasy doesn’t end there…You can also tap and record, use motion control (tipping your phone to increase and decrease vibrations) and even an audio record function for a fully personalised experience!

The only limit to the thrill is imagination.

Try one today.


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