30% off EVERYTHING on site – thanks for Black Friday, Americans!

Usually, Americans get all the fun – Cadillacs, Independence Day parades, and portions of food that could keep you going for at least a week. However, we British are cunning like foxes, and when America comes up with something truly great, naturally we steal it. Welcome to Black Friday, when we all worship at the altar of consumerism and buy things for hardly any money at all…

From today all through until Monday, you get 30% off everything on the site using the code BLACK at the checkout.


And when I say ‘everything’ I mean ‘EVERYTHING.’ That Fleshlight you’ve been hankering after for ages? 30% off. The gorgeous vibrator you were planning on getting your partner for Christmas? 30% off. Lingerie, anal beads, lube, the list goes on. You could even just stock up on condoms if you’re planning on finally hooking up with that hot dude from accounts at your office Christmas party.


So what are you waiting for?

If I were you I’d start at the new releases (and check out some of my favourite new male sex toys, which I wrote about here last week).

Next venture into the Christmas section, and get some of your shopping done early. The sooner you finish your Christmas shopping, the sooner you get to put your feet up and tuck in to a massive tin of Quality Street, ideally while laughing at poor suckers like me who end up scrabbling to put in orders the day before Christmas Eve and pray they reach me before my other half starts crying.

A quick trip to the ‘essentials‘ section means you can grab all the condoms and lube you need to enjoy your new purchases – with 30% off what you’d normally pay for them.

Finally, finish yourself off with a browse of your favourite things (anal sex toys, dildos, bullet vibrators – the world is just 70% of your oyster because we took 30% off it).

Happy Black Friday everyone! Next year I think we should steal Thanksgiving too. All that shopping has made me hungry for turkey.


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