Passion Points Questions & Answers


Q:Do I have to have an account to earn Passion Points?:

A: Yes you need to be logged in to earn and view your passion points

Q: How do I earn Passion Points?:

A: You can earn Passion Points in lots of different ways, signing up for an account, signing up to our newsletter, liking, sharing, or tweeting about our products, or about us, writing a product review, e-mailing a link and recommending us to a friend or friends, or simply for having a Birthday!

Q: When do my Passion Points get added?:

A: Your Passion Points get added to your account once your order has shipped. For Likes, Shares, Tweets, sending an e-mail link and reviews, they will get added as soon as it has been confirmed that they have been sent by our points system.

Q: Where can I see how many Passion Points I have?:

A: Once logged in to your account you can see your points at the top of the home page and in your account dashboard.

Q:How can I spend Passion Points?:

A: You can spend passion points on any products you want, including products that are on sale. You can also spend your Passion Points by e-mailing them to your friends or the special people in your life.

Q: Is there a limit to how many Passion Points I can send to a friend?:

A: No there is no limit to the amount of Passion Points you send, as long a you have earn’t them!

Q: Is there a limit to how many Passion Points I can earn?:

A: No, you can spend as few or as many as you like. You can also buy a product with just Passion Points if you have enough of them.

Q: Do I earn Passion Points if I buy a product using Passion Points?:

A: No, you will only earn Pasion Points on the amount in an order you pay for with real money 

Q: If I return a product and have used money and Passion Points to but it what happens?

A: You wil be refunded your money and your passion points will be refunded to your Passion Points account.

Q: Do my Passion Points expire?:

A: Your passion points will expire after 12 months