Let there be Lux

The writers for The Vibe are pretty much the complete package: well-researched, eloquent, interesting. The only thing they couldn’t currently drum up between them was a y-chromosome, and since roughly 50% of people gettin’ it on have possession of one, they decided to ask some other writers for their perspective. I’m the second of those that stopped by.

So, first things first, my name is Josh Lux, and I am biologically male. That’s essentially my only qualification. I’m no Lothario, no Casanova. I wouldn’t consider myself a sex-pert. Probably not even sex-adept. Sex-intermediate, maybe.

I do think about sex quite a lot, however, and not just erotic eye-lid movies or picturing strangers naked. I’m interested in how sex influences the rest of our lives, how it colours our personalities and our actions outside the bedroom. I’m especially interested in our changing outlook on sex, and how the internet is shaping the attitudes of the future.

I still picture strangers naked, obviously. Everyone does that.

So, with The Vibe’s permission, I’ll be blogging about sexual trends and the effect of the internet, and commenting on anything they throw my way. I’m also an occasional history buff, so expect stories of sexual hi-jinks through the ages.

Only time will tell if my perspective is particularly fresh or distinct. But I’m definitely male. I checked.

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