Why do women let men treat them badly

I have lost count of the times I have listened to women moaning about the way men treat them and Im not talking about obviously insecure women. No, these women are successful, independent and attractive. So what is it that makes them put up with bad behaviour?

As women we are naturally nurturing, it’s in our make up. When we love someone we make excuses for them. We convince ourselves that there’s a reason for their behaviour and believe if we love and understand them enough then they will eventually be the man we want them to be and we believe they truly are. Unfortunately however, this is rarely the case and we go on and on enduring unhappiness rather than cutting loose and putting our own needs first.

You cannot expect someone else to love you unless you really love yourself. It’s only when you truly love yourself that you can properly respect yourself and that is when you will treat yourself better. A man instinctively knows what you will put up with and a woman with high self esteem seems much more of a catch. Men like to compete – make yourself the prize!

Learning to love yourself can be hard, especially when you are not the person you want to be. Life can get in the way and this can lead to incsecurity and low self esteem. Its then, that we are most likely to get into bad relationships. We dream that someone will love us no matter what and make things better and though this can happen, you are much more likely to start a healthy relationship when you’re in a good place.

Be responsible for your own happiness. Take control of your life. If there are things that you don’t like then try and make little steps to move forward. Write a list of all your good qualities and stay positive.

If you do all these things then you are more likely to get into a good relationship and stop the cycle of letting men treat you badly.

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