Wedding Night Fun

We are now well in to the wedding season and thoughts turn to that blissful wedding night so why not let us make some suggestions on how you can turn the evening in to an intimate but fun night for the both of you. And with autumn on the way do you really want to get out of bed anyway when your new spouse is there to snuggle up to?

This is where you can let your imagination run wild about how you are going to woo your partner and work your magic on them and we have a wide selection of products to do just that.

You’ve most probably spent many months making arrangements and preparing everything in minute detail and you should do the same for your first night together as Mr & Mrs…

Once you are alone together in your boudoir, dress on the floor you want to look your best and we have a range of lingerie which will have him steaming under the collar.  We have some stunning lace and brocade corsets which will enhance our curves or you may prefer something more playful like one of our naughty costumes.

Create a little ambience and romance by scattering blood red rose petals around the wedding chamber and over the bed.  Perhaps making a little trail for you both to follow to a night of seduction and lust.

Or if you are in the mood for a little fun and games to get you in the mood why not engage your lover in a naughty board game like Lust.  A few throws of the dice and you will be all over each other just like that first night.

Another sensual way to get things started is by touching and caressing each other.  This intimacy will ultimately lead to a night of explosive passion and if you add a sensual massage to the mix who knows what may happen.  The Bijoux Indescrets Sunset Edible Glow Massage Oil can be used for an erotic massage and when you are relaxed let your partner lick you clean.

By now you are going to be ready to engage in a hot night of action but before you do get him to slip on a cock ring to add to the pleasure.  The Rocks-Off 7 Speed Cock Ring is sure to give you that buzz you need to reach a mutual climax.

Make it a night you’ll both remember.

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