Valentine’s Day lingerie to buy for your boyfriend (yep, you heard me)

It’s almost as if read my actual mind, and bought in new stock just as a special Valentine’s Day gift for me. Because now, along with gorgeous baby dolls and stockings and all the standard things you’d expect to find in the ‘lingerie‘ section, they also stock incredibly sexy underwear for men. And you can grab some today and get it shipped in time for Valentine’s Day.

I’ve often bemoaned the lack of sexy underwear for men. While I get to choose from lacy knickers and silky thongs and a whole range of different fabrics, my other half is often limited to a simple choice of cotton boxers or cotton briefs. I usually have to hunt quite hard to find underwear that shows off his assets.

Now, though, I’m going to give you a whistlestop tour of five sexy underwear choices that you can buy for the guy in your life.

Goodfellas wet-look boxer brief

Firstly, let’s just pause for a second to appreciate the beauty of really tight-looking underwear. Obviously you don’t want it to be so tight it’s uncomfortable or restricting, but just tight enough to show off someone’s curves and junk? Perfect. These boxer-briefs are ideal if you like the anticipation of seeing ‘just enough’ of a package then wanting to unwrap it later.


If you like that sensation but you’re not keen on the wet look, you might like these zip-fronted boxer briefs instead.


Goodfellas mesh-fronted g-string

This g-string leaves a lot less to the imagination, gathering everything at the front into a tight, mesh pouch and showing off all there is to show at the back. I have it on good authority from men who are a fan of pouches and jock straps that the sensation of being cupped like this is pretty pleasant, as well as being brilliant to look at.

For something a bit more decorative, check out the lace thong version. *swoons*


If you prefer to have everything hanging out, there’s also this alternative to crotchless knickers: the cut-out open-front brief. And I think the sexiest thing about this is it means you don’t even have to bother taking your pants off before you start having sex: just tear off someone’s jeans and get down to doing all the things you love doing. I’m teasing you a little, because it’s out of stock at the time of writing (I am not in any way surprised it’s so popular) but you can bookmark it for later to nab one of your own.


Sexy underwear isn’t just for women!

Have I got you hot under the collar yet? One of the reasons I’m so overjoyed to see more sexy underwear for men on this site is because for years there’s been an unspoken assumption that sexy lingerie is only really for women. But seeing a guy in amazing pants is – in my opinion – exactly as hot as seeing a woman in something slinky and sexy. What’s more, getting to wear sexy pants is a joy that I’d like more men to be able to share. There shouldn’t be a gendered split between who gets to have this kind of fun: we should all be able to show off our sexiest bits, in whatever underwear gets us going!

Which brings me neatly onto an important final point: when you’re choosing sexy underwear (for yourself or for someone else), my tip is to choose something that gets your heart racing, rather than what you feel is expected of you. That means if you’re a guy, you shouldn’t feel limited just to the underwear that’s marked ‘for men’ – I’ve spent plenty a hot moment watching men I love put on my silk or lace knickers, or wearing stockings I’ve asked them to put on while they shag me. And vice versa: I’m partial to a pair of boxers, and for some guys the sight of me wearing their boxers and an old shirt can be as horny as walking in on me dressed in a babydoll nightie. So when you’re choosing sexy underwear to buy someone for Valentine’s Day, the golden rule is to pick something that makes them feel amazing.

Oh, and if you buy stuff now, you can get 30% off just in time for Valentine’s Day using the code SAVE30.

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