Tokyo’s Disney resort hosts its first gay wedding

I’ve always thought of Disney as being extremely hetero-normative and ultra conservative, so I was thrilled to learn that the Tokyo Disney Resort held it’s first lesbian wedding a few days ago.

Koyuki Higashi and her partner Horoko had their fairytale wedding with 30 friends and family and Mickey and Minnie mouse in attendance. The wedding was held at their favorite spot in the park, Tokyo Disney Sea, in full view of other visitors to the resort.

When they first booked the wedding, they were told that one of them would have to wear a tux in order not to offend any onlookers, but the company that runs the park quickly changed their mind and allowed both brides to wear whatever they wanted. In this case, each wore a beautiful, traditional white wedding gown.


The down side of this wedding is that same sex marriages are still not legal in Japan. Koyuki, an actress turned activist says that she hopes that their success at ‘getting married’ at Disney, and the attention it has received will open up conversations in Japan about allowing same-sex civil partnerships and hopefully same-sex marriages. She says, ‘We may not have a law that applies to us, but when someone congratulates us for the wedding, I will proudly say thank you.’


Interestingly, Japan’s native religions (Shinto and Buddhism) are quite open and inclusive about same-sex relationships, but it’s the country’s Christian leanings that won’t allow legal same-sex marriages. In fact, although Koyuki and Horoko were allowed to marry in the theme park, they were not allowed to marry in the park’s chapel.

There is still a long way to go in countries all over the world regarding same-sex marriages, but I’m really glad to see that a giant, global corporation is at least embracing the modern world and more importantly, love!

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