Time out of a relationship – make or break?

So your partner wants to take a break. What exactly does this mean and what does it say about your relationship?

The point of having somebody in your life is that you enjoy spending time together, so it’s natural to feel that something is wrong with the relationship if your respected other asks for a bit of time apart.

There are lots of reasons that somebody may ask for a break. It doesn’t necessarily mean the end of a relationship and can in fact be a positive thing. So don’t panic!

Sometimes a relationship can move very quickly and it’s only a little bit down the line that the pressure can get too much and one or both of you starts to panic. Sometimes outside influences causes stress on the relationship or problems get too much and you need to step away for a bit. We can connect so much with the other person in our life that we lose our individuality and need time to re-connect with ourselves. It’s only when we work well as a half that we can work well in a couple. You need two full halves to make a whole.

Though a break does not have to mean the end of a relationship, if you have problems, they will still be there when you get back together. Use the time apart to clear your head and re focus.

It’s natural to have negative feelings if a partner wants to spend time away from you, after all, if they feel like this now – what hope does that hold for the future? However, time apart can be the best thing that ever happened to you. Your partner may realise just how much you mean to them. The fear may be that if you have a break the result will be that they will want to split from you forever. However, if this is the outcome – it would happen at some point in the near future anyway.

If your partner wants a split, be brave. Don’t worry it may not be the end. However, you do need to be wise. Don’t let your partner have their cake and eat it. A break means just that. No phone calls, no meeting up as friends and no seeing other people. A break can mean many things and what you don’t want is someone that is pretty sure they don’t want to be with you but is too scared to cut ties completely incase they don’t find anybody better.  Be in control set limits and set a timeline.

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