Social Networking can reveal more than you wish

You’ve heard about Facebook stalking and the Twitter equivalent, but who can blame us when reading somebody’s social network account can reveal so much about them.

These sites enable us to create a persona that may or may not be true to our real lives or personalities; however, there are things that reveal more than we may realise. What people write on our walls and how we respond for example.

On reflection, the clandestine affair of Liz Hurley and Shane Warn was seemingly on the cards when you analyse their fun and oh so slightly flirty Twitter exchanges. But can over analysing such exchanges cause us to worry for no reason?

I have had numerous arguments and sleepless nights over things I have seen on my boyfriend’s Facebook.  When I first met him I would worry constantly about the endless amount of women that seemed to flirt with him and comment on his photos about how hot he was; and even today when a woman unknown to me pops up from nowhere that he seems to have a relationship with I can feel very uncomfortable.   Obsessing about these things is very dangerous ground. Though we should be vigilant as it’s proven that these sites have been the end and start of many a relationship – try not to read too much into things. Banter with the opposite sex is harmless and the fact that it is captured online means that at least you can see what your lover is up to. If your lover is being overly flirtatious though, behaviour experts claim that you may definitely have something to worry about.  By making such behaviour public, they say is like putting up a public poster and they subconsciously want to be confronted.

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