Money can’t Buy You Love

Money’s just not important when it comes to love a recent survey has revealed.

Good communication is the most important factor for a happy, healthy relationship; a good sex life came a close second with money coming bottom of the list.

Surprisingly kindness is the top trait people are seeking in a potential partner, even coming before good looks and intellect.Being good in the sack was the second most popular answer, but again, being rich just isn’t important with less than 1% selecting it as an attraction for long term love.Though, the survey did find that more women chose money than men.

The poll, commissioned by, also found, that though sex was the most popular wish for singles this Valentine’s Day, only 13% are hoping for a proper relationship.

Those already coupled up, mostly plan to spend the 14th having a sexy night in but insist the decision has nothing to do with money; they simply want to show their partner how much they mean to them. Awwwww………

For those up North though, Valentine’s Day doesn’t seem such a big deal as it had the highest percentage of couples that claim not to celebrate the special day – and who says it’s grim up North?!

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