Love or lust? How to tell the difference

We’ve all experienced it.  That incredible longing for somebody whilst thinking about them obsessively, but how do you know whether what you are experiencing is love or simply lust?

Apparently the key difference is that lust is simply a yearning for the ‘flesh’ whilst love is something much more complex.  I can’t help thinking though that sometimes you can confuse the two.

When we first meet somebody that we are really attracted to, the chemical explosions that we experience can be so intense that we are fooled into thinking that we love them, when in fact it’s only lust.  However, we only realise this when we fall in love with them for real months later!

Separating love from lust can be complicated, but a simple way to distinguish the two is that a loving relationship is one based on selflessness and thoughtfulness while a lustful relationship is characterized by selfishness and thoughtlessness.

It’s important to distinguish the difference between love and lust early on and not convince ourselves that we are in love simply based on physical attraction or because we are having amazing sex.  We can easily blind ourselves to any faults and before we know it, we’re dating someone that is totally unsuitable for us.

Always take time when you are dating to sit back and consider whether this is really the person you want to be with or if it’s just great physical attraction, because when the lust begins to wear off you don’t want to find yourself facing someone you hardly know and barely like.

Personally, I think the best relationships are a great mix of the two!





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