If you want it – go and get it!

Over a quarter of women over 35 say they ‘never’ have sex according to recent research. The survey, released by  Sky Real Lives cable channel was to mark the launch of a series called The Secret Guide to Women’s Health.

I think if a woman is genuinely happy not having sex then great, good for her. But if sex is something you want there are loads of things you can do to attract your perfect partner. And have mind blowing sex what ever your age.


First things first, attitude – If you don’t believe that you are sexy and can have any partner you want then how do expect anyone else to? Be confident, be nice to yourself and appreciate all your attractive qualities and features rather than paying attention to any negative ones.


Dress up– Now I’m not saying you have to go out dressed in PVC and latex! But sexy underwear and generally looking after yourself will make you feel good and do wonders for your confidence.


Masturbate– There’s something about touching yourself that really does help with your libido. It lets off all those happy endorphines into your body and helps to alleviate stress, this feeling can be addictive and the more you experience it the more you want to experience it. Also, learning how to please yourself is essential if you want to teach your partner how to please you. Treat yourself to a new vibrator or clitoral vibrator – go on you deserve it!


If you don’t own a sex toy why not try one? Not all sex toys are big and scary there are so many different shapes, sizes and styles. Check out our website. You are sure to find something that will suit you.


Act – If you know or see a man/ woman that you like do something about it. Whether you use subtle flirting or outright assertion. Life is too short and if you want something only you have the power to make it happen. You can have anything you want, you just have go and get it!

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