Heartbreak can be good for you

I read a feature today about how being dumped can actually make your heart stop for a split second, bringing a whole new meaning to heartbreak.

Most of us have experienced the feeling of being dumped and that overwhelming feeling of rejection and despair.  The mental strain of analysing the whole relationship and trying to work out where you went wrong can also bring with it immense physical strain on your nervous system causing sleepless nights and panic attacks.  Though most of us can relate, breaking up can actually be good for you.

When a relationship ends, it brings with it new beginnings, whether welcome or not.  It gives us a chance to re-evalute  our lives and see how we can make improvements.  We can all get comfortable in relationships and it’s normal for couples to make sacrifices.  Starting again gives you the freedom to do the things you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the support, encouragement or time.

Take some time to love yourself.  Pamper yourself, get your hair done, buy a new wardrobe and join the gym.  Go on a ‘mates’ holiday and do that night class you’ve always wanted to.  Not only are these great ways to get over your relationship, they are also brilliant for building your self esteem and give you a fuller life.

It’s then that you will find the partner perfect for you.

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