Guest blog: Interview with a Vampire Lady!

Following on from the recent vampire sex themed blog post which was inspired by the Fleshlight Succu Dry Sex in a Can and Red’s Robin Vampire Memoirs novel, we’re bringing you an interview  from one our Vibe community members, who is not only a sexy vamp,  also happens to be a real Vampire Lifestyler!

We interviewed Morbidia about her lifestyle, as well as vampires in general, to find out more.

Cara: How long have you had an interest in vampires, and sexual attraction to them?

Morbidia: My interest in vampires started at a very young age, with the help of my elder brother. I was very much the kind of child who wished to do and know all the things that a child shouldn’t know and this was a prime example. At the time, Interview With The Vampire was my brothers favourite film, and I was very eager to follow in his footsteps. After watching it just once, I fell in love. The allure of the vampire appealed to me immensely.

As I grew older, I found certain film scenes very oddly erotic, and yet quite terrifying at the same time. An example of this is the famous sacrifice scene (Interview with the Vampire) when Lestat and Claudia attend the Vampire Theatre and witness a wonderful natural woman being sacrificed to the vampires.

Cara: What initially attracted you to the vampire scene?

Morbidia: I returned to the Vampire scene again in my early teens and this time, it was a definite attraction to the beautiful, yet deadly portrayal of virtually all vampires in m1odern day vampire media. Also, the thought of a beautiful vampire taking me in their arms and biting me into submission was by far, the most attractive and erotically appealing scene I had ever come across.

Cara: What interests you and what do you enjoy the most about vampire lifestyle?

Morbidia: I’m very much a fan of the sexual side of the vampire lifestyle, I regularly indulge in biting, scratching and vampire role play, whether by literally dressing up in the full attire, or casual vampire sexual behaviour.

Cara: Hollywood style, media presentations of vampires, what’s your opinion? Ann Rice, Twilight and more… who got them right in your view?

Morbidia: Certain media depictions are better than others in my view. I’ve always been a big fan of the older versions of vampires, including such stories as Nosferatu, with the emphasis on the terror and the fear that he evoked, along with the creepiness of his character. This perfectly illustrated the original historical view and myths of the Vampire.

In many cases with modern writers, it bothers me that the historical depiction has been altered so much. An example of this in my view, is Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series, although this has been of great appeal to the younger generations. This series does not describe vampires in any sort of historic or even mythological accuracy, and it veers too far from the original for my liking.

However, with the Charlaine Harris series of the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries, and then the accompanying True Blood series, she has kept to the old ways, but brought it into the present day. This has been achieved by involving a very realistic storyline of vampires “coming out of the coffin” and revealing themselves to human-kind, when a synthetic blood is invented that is able to sustain their life in place of real blood. In my opinion, this is a wonderful adaptation.

Cara: Are you aware of the sparkling Vampire dildo from Tantus? Would you use this or does vampiric sex consist of more than just orgasms and sex?

Morbidia: I am indeed aware of the Vampire dildo from Tantus. However, the inspiration for this was the Twilight series, which was originally a very anti-sexual teenage book series written by a lady who in my opinion wished to de-sexualise the vampire and make the idea of them very tame, as well as influencing the story with aspects of a certain religion. Therefore, I personally feel that it’s not really appropriate for Vampire fantasies, whether in general or for me.

Vampire sex can be straight up, full on vampire style, with biting, blood letting and horny as hell action, but for me, it has always been a very erotic, sensual and intimate experience, and a sexual act that has brought my partner and I so much closer together. Just the sensation of biting can feel almost orgasmic on its own. Experiencing this with a partner you are deeply in love with and have great sexual chemistry with can be an experience that is, almost quite literally, out of this world.

Cara: What would be a typical vampire scene you would roleplay?

Morbidia: Vampire bedroom role play usually comes naturally for my partner and I and on regular occasions Vampirism is a standard act for us. This has been the case ever since we first met and it’s what makes our sexual relationship stand out from our previous partners. There is the intensity of the act itself as well as the emotions that go with it, whereas the dressing up part is very minor for us.

Cara: How does the vampire sex scene connect with say the Fetish or Goth scene?

Morbidia: The vampire sex scene has many tie ins with the Fetish and Goth scenes. The attire is very similar and as this is one of the attractions to vampire sex, it could be suggested that it is almost the same as other scenes.

However, the main difference in the vampire scene is that it requires a definitive attraction towards vampire acts and the need to indulge in these acts. From my experience, not all people from the Fetish or Goth scene are into these particular forms of sexual acts.

Cara: What’s your favourite vampire fantasy?

Morbidia: That would have to be the stereotypical but classic fantasy of a beautiful woman, asleep in her bed… She hears a noise and slowly looks, only to find a terrifying (yet devilishly sexy) vampire awaiting in the corner of her room. He slowly approaches.  The woman is scared at first, but soon enough the woman becomes powerless against his charms. She becomes embraced in his arms, with his teeth upon her neck, then experiences the intense pleasure of a single bite. This is my absolutely timeless vampire fantasy.

Cara: We want to know more… tell us how we can find out more information!

Morbidia: There is a fantastic book called Vampire Nation by Arlene Russo. This has been by far the most informative vampire book I’ve come across to date. It covers the mythology, legends and typical life of Vampire Lifestylers as well as several different styles of modern day Vampire.  Vampire Nation is by far the best book you can get on the subject of both real and mythological Vampires.

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