Buying Lingerie for Her – A Guide

And yes, we mean really for her, not just for you! Buying lingerie can be a veritable minefield of mistakes waiting to be made, whether the wrong size is bought, the wrong colour for her or simply an unflattering shape on her figure.

Never fear – is here to guide you along the way to a mutually and exquisitely successful, lingerie clad purchase.

First of all – what body shape does she have? Take a good, close look. You know you want to!


Apple – Apple shaped ladies are rounded, with a more rounded curve in the middle than bust or hips

Pear – Pear shapes benefit from wider hips than bust line, perfect shape to flaunt that booty!

Strawberry – Is she a strawberry sensation? Strawberries are busty… tapering to slimmer hips.

Hourglass – The traditional hourglass shape is much desired. Hourglasses have a waist defined by balanced bust and hips creating the curves.

Rectangle – Rectangles are less curvy and tend to have a straight up and down figure, from bust to waist to hips.


Different types of lingerie flatter different shapes, highlighting the particular assets each shape has. For instance, corsets are ideal for ‘Hourglass’ shapes, drawing attention to the cinched in waist and the defined curve, whereas babydolls are great to emphasise the breasts of a ‘Strawberry’ shape and balance out the hips, or to help minimise rounded waist lines in ‘Apples’.

Separate bras and knickers, as we see in lingerie ‘sets’, can help break up the body line and draw attention to the bust and hips separately, creating the illusion of a narrower waist and create the illusion of defined curves in ‘Rectangles’.

‘Pear’ shaped? Keep the action up top, with plunge front Bodystockings or a deep V cut chemise to draw the eye to and highlight the breasts. Want to shake that booty? Try some ruffle back knickers or decorative backed panties if you want the spotlight on your main feature. Bodies and teddys make the most of that luscious curve to the hips and the shape of the bottom.

It is easy to get confused with the different names of lingerie too. Babydoll? Chemise? Teddy? What’s the difference? Let’s take a look at the differences between these and more.




Corset – A corset is an item that you can wear either out and about or in the bedroom. Versatile, it may or may not have shoulder straps and garter straps, which may be removable and adjustable. The main piece of the item will fasten with front metal busks and a lace up back, and will be internally boned for structure and support, either with plastic or steel boning.






Basque – A basque is a torso-hugging camisole that is similar to a corset and can feature a decorative front and/or back lace-up detail. It is more delicate than a corset and offers little or no figure-molding compression, so really just for decoration.





Bustier – A bustier is a sexy bra style garment that goes down to the waist with garter straps attached. It is made with a silk or other kind of shiny material. The look is exotic, and can be worn with or without panties. Depending on the style and fabric, bustiers also make a great sexy top that look fantastic with skirts, pants, shorts, or even jeans.






Babydoll – This cute little number is usually a short gown with a built in, bra-like cups with a loose flowing skirt. The baby doll could be made of silk, nylon or a sheer material, depending on your preference.





Chemise – A chemise is a nightie style gown that’s a straight cut which usually falls just above the knee. It has thin, spaghetti-like straps that are sometimes adjustable. Most chemises are made with a silky type of material.







Teddy – Teddies are similar to bodysuits or one-piece swimsuits, but are often made from lace in a variety of colours. They can be low-cut and sometimes have a thong back. The cups aren’t usually lined but sometimes have underwiring for support.






Bodysuits – Bodysuits are like leotards, usually skintight to show off every nuance and curve of your fantastic figure.







Bodystockings – Bodystockings are also skin tight, usually made from a see through fishnet or lace material to pattern your body all over. Decorating the figure while revealing it at the same time, bodystockings are usually worn neck to toe, long sleeved or sleeveless and can be crotchless sometimes too.



Lingerie comes in a variety of sensual materials to arouse the senses and help your imagination wander. Satin, lace, PVC and latex are just some of the choices available, depending on which type of look you are aiming for.

You can also choose matching accessories such as lace topped stockings, garter belts or eye catching hold ups to complete the look.

Why not take a look through the huge range of different styles, materials, and colours of lingerie available at and make sure you buy your lady not just something that you will find incredibly arousing but also a flattering sensual garment that she will feel sensational in.

Boost her confidence with the right lingerie for her, and you are sure to both reap the benefits!

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