Write your own erotica

I don’t know about you, but I love a good erotic story. A naughty bit of sensual smut and I’m all hot and bothered and ready for action! There is some really great erotica to be read out there. Have a look at some of these for a bit of inspiration.

You could also try your hand at writing your own erotica.Whether you’ve got tons of ideas floating around or don’t know where to start, here are some great tips for writing your own erotic story.

First of all, get yourself turned on! Your story should be infused with desire so what better way than to write it from that place. What gets you hot and steamy? Take some time to build up your own arousal and rather than orgasming, hold on to that energy and use it to write your story.

When you’re writing, if you feel the energy die down a bit, take a break and get yourself aroused all over again. Have your favourite sex toys nearby while you’re writing. Keep stoking the fire as it were! Chances are that what you’re writing will keep you going!

You could start by just writing out a fantasy you have. Try not to censor yourself. Let your imagination run wild. You can write down things that you don’t want to try in real life but that in print turn you on. You might find that once you start writing your story takes on a life of its own!

Think about your characters, allow yourself to temporarily embody them. What does it feel like to be them? How does their body move? What clothes would they wear? What sort of sex would they like, with whom and where? What would they ask for? What brings out the red hot lust in them?

Where is the story taking place? Is it a modern tale of sexy texts, erotic emails and covert sex at the office or on the tube? Is it more of a period piece with wild moors, billowing dresses and plump bosoms? Is the action taking place indoors or outdoors? What is the weather like? Is there romantic rain, highly charged thunderstorms, burning hot sun, snow and log-fires?

Who else is being seduced or doing the seducing? You can be as naughty as you dare. How many people are getting it on? What genders? Who is getting it on with whom?

Use your senses to give a rich, full picture of what is happening. What can you smell, feel, hear, taste? Give tantalizing, seductive descriptions of the sound of a zipper being slowly unzipped, the sigh of breath as you kiss her neck, the taste of his skin, etc. Tease your readers as you would tease a lover.

Take your time to build up the heat, the passion in the story. Let it rise and fall, rise and fall a few times. When you (or the characters) are ready, decide where it’s all going to go. Do you want your characters to orgasm? Once or over and over again? Maybe they don’t orgasm at all. What happens after that? Do they stay together and cuddle, wander off into the night or something else?

If you’re not sure how to end it, once again let yourself embody the characters. How do they feel? What do they want? What would feel good to them or what would it take to find closure for them? You can always leave your readers wanting more!

Once you’ve written your own erotica, you can keep it to yourself or better yet, share it with a partner, lover or even friends! You might be surprised how inspired you are to write more!

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