World Cup Woes

If the World Cup means becoming a World Cup widow – don’t get down, get clued up!

You know your man’s gonna be pre occupied.  All day drinking sessions followed by pure elation and more drinking, or drinking followed by deep depression, you know the pattern.  He’s either at the pub or your house is taken over by his clan of male buddies, pizza and beer.  ARGH!

It’s gonna happen, accept it.  Every four years you’re starved of attention so you need to learn some self love.

Use the spare time wisely and get to know what really pushes your buttons.  A lot of us rely on our lovers to find out what satisfies us, but if you take time out to explore your body alone, you can introduce different sensations and techniques of self pleasure without any pressure.  Take your time to discover satisfaction like never before.

Self Love – Undress and look in the mirror.  For some of you this may be a daunting prospect  but really taking in your female form and concentrating on the bits you like can be highly erotic and will also give you added confidence.

Feathers – Tickle and tease your whole body with feathers.  Stroke and tease from your toes, up your legs, behind your knees, inside your thighs, over your vagina, your tummy, your breasts and round your neck.  By doing this you can establish which parts of your body are the most pleasurable.

Enhance – Stimulating gels and creams are great for applying to your erogenous zones to increase sensitivity.  Most will give a warm tingly feeling when applied and will increase the blood flow to the area.

SensationsBullets are perfect for discovery time.  They are small and powerful vibrators that fit in the palm of your hand.  Use them to rub, probe and tease different parts of your body.  Add or take away pressure in different places and explore different feelings.  If you decide to end with your clitoris, take yourself to the brink of orgasm and back again.  Breathe slowly and relax.

Crescendo – By this point you should have discovered what turns you on and where.  Now is the time to add a vibrator or dildo.  Once you are at the brink of orgasm you may want full penetration.  Choose one to suit you.  If you’re going for a vibrator then don’t rush things, start on a low speed and work your way up.  The key to self explorations is taking your time, finding your limits and enjoying the different feeling it can bring.

So, by the time the World Cup is over, you’ll be super savvy and demanding in the bedroom and he’ll have to make up for lost time.  Men love a confident woman that knows what she wants in bed, so here’s to the bedroom Olympics!

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