Where do you dare to have sex?

A friend of mine told me recently that she has a list of all the places she and her boyfriend have had sex. Making the list started out as something to relieve boredom on a train journey together and now they’ve turned it into a bit of a game. She said they’re always looking for new and interesting places to have sex and that’s added a whole new dimension to their sex lives. Sometimes they want it to be warm and comfortable, and other times they’re happy to just have a quickie to get the thrill of doing something a bit wild and crazy. Either way, it’s brought them closer together and got them talking about their sex life in a way they didn’t before.

Where we have sex can really add to or take away from our experience. It really depends on what you’re up to, what suits your mood, what’s available and how daring you’re willing to be.

This summer, another friend of mine was caught out having sex in the backseat of her car in a festival car park. It was night and for some reason they’d put the light on inside the car. Of course that meant that anyone who passed by could see everything going on. She was really embarrassed the next day when people told her that they saw her legs in the air and her boyfriend’s hairy bum on top, but other people might be really turned on by that. Or be smart enough to keep the lights off!

I dated a guy a long time ago that liked to have sex in places we might get caught. My favourite with him was usually in a random bedroom at a party with the door slightly open. It was just so exhilarating thinking that anyone could walk in at anytime or that they might hear or see us.

That was a little naughty though because anyone that caught us wasn’t really consenting to it. For example, I recently read an article about a woman in a hospital in Australia. She was sharing a room with a man she didn’t know. One evening she heard sounds coming from behind his curtain and realised he was having sex with his girlfriend. She was furious because there was only a curtain separating them and she hadn’t consented to being so close to the action. Fair enough. Perhaps if you’re going to have sex in the hospital, make sure you have a private room!

So where do you like to have sex? Are there places you would like to try just for the thrill of it or do you prefer the warmth and comfort of home? What about trying a different room, on the sofa or floor? If you fancy something further afield, how about on a train, at the airport, or in a field?

You are really only limited by your imagination, your willingness to be daring, and maybe a bit by what is legal and consenting to others! I’d love to hear from you about where you like to have sex. Please leave a comment here if you feel drawn to. You might just help give others some new and daring ideas to try!

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