What’s your favourite position?

A recent survey in the USA asked 1000 Americans what their favourite sexual positions are. Of the 1000 people asked, 36% said they preferred ‘woman on top’ and 33% chose ‘missionary position’. A further 20% said they preferred ‘woman on all fours, man behind’.

The positions we prefer can change over time. That might mean on a day to day basis or over longer periods of time. Part of what makes a position work is how comfortable your body is and how much pleasure it brings you. Some positions are better suited for looking into each other’s eyes and other positions allow for deeper thrusting or greater control for one person.

How good a position feels for you might depend on your particular genital fit with your partner. I once dated a guy with a quite long penis. He couldn’t get his hips to meet mine without causing me considerable pain and after a while we realized it just wasn’t working for either of us. Another woman with a different shape to me might fit him just fine.

Also, everyone’s bodies go through changes. For example, a couple might have to change positions when the woman is pregnant. Some pregnant women find it uncomfortable (or impossible!) to have sex in the missionary position. Some women’s level of comfort and pleasure might depend on her menstrual cycle too. If you’ve had injuries or operations or other life changes you might have to adapt your love-making to suit your new needs.

As we get older our bodies change too. Whether that’s through illness, stress or just general aging we might not be up to the sexual athletics we once were. That doesn’t have to take away from sexual pleasure though! If your body just isn’t up for your usual preferred position, find a new way! There are lots of sexy positions with fancy names and it can be fun to try them out, however, even better is to just see what feels good at the time. Use cushions and pillows for support if you need them. Get creative – make up new positions, try new things. You might find a fabulously fun and sexy position you’ve never tried before!



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