Turn the gadgets off!

Imagine the scene: You and your lover are getting hot and steamy. Deep passionate kisses and warm hands all over your body. You’re all hot breath and writhing bodies. Suddenly there is a beep, a buzz, or some other electronic noise in the background. Right at that crucial moment of loving on your partner, they’ve received a text/email/tweet/notification. Your partner stops play and reaches for their phone/laptop/iPad and the ‘hot and steamy’ evaporates. Not only is the moment gone, but also your partner is telling the whole world about it.

Ok, so that might be a little dramatic, however more and more I’m hearing complaints from people about the disruption that technology is making on their sex lives. Seems obvious to me, but why would you answer your phone in the middle of some good, sexy loving?

If you’re waiting for important, it-can’t-wait news, then perhaps that’s not the time to be getting it on. If you’ve got the time to be getting sexy with each other, then at least value that time and value your partner too.

Folks, please turn off your phones, computers, and any other gadgets that are likely to catch your eye or ear when you’re supposed to be giving your partner your undivided attention. If you can’t bring yourself to turn them off, at least turn the sound off and leave them in a different room.  You and your partner will have a much better time if you get rid of any distractions and focus on the pleasure at hand instead!


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