Try Something New This Valentine’s Day

Valentines is the perfect time to shower each other in love, affection and sexy gifts. So how about using this glorious day to experiment and try something new and exciting.   Whether you use it to introduce yourselves to the world of sex toys or want to expand your collection – we have something for you.

If you and your partner are new to the world of sex toys, then a good place to start is with a vibrating cock ring.  Vibrating cock rings are easy to use, not intimidating and can add that little extra something to your love making.   Once slipped on the penis it will keep the man harder for longer by keeping more blood in the penis.  Turn on the vibrating clitoral stimulator at the top and it delivers buzzy vibrations to the clitoris with every thrust.  And if you want to keep in with the Valentine’s theme, why not try the Vibrating Heart Cock Ring or the Lifetime Love Ring.

Men love it when a girl is confident about her body.  Show him who’s in charge with the Carmen Electra Dancing Pole .  It’s a brilliant way to spice things up this Valentines. Girls, not only will your man love getting a sexy dance as a treat, but you can also practice as much as you like when your alone and get a fit and sexy body at the same time. It comes with a handy carry case for storage and portability and even comes with a DVD to get you set for performing some seriously sexy moves! This pole can be put up and down easily and without drilling any holes in your ceiling. Guys if you enjoy a good strip show then you could buy this for your woman, save yourself loads of money down at the ‘bar’ and bring the strip club home!

If your sex life is pretty spicy as it is but you want to add an extra spark, then why not try some electro sex!  The She Stim starter pack is something incredible.  Add this kit to your love making and your bodies become the conductors of a tingly, sensual stimulation. There are small connector pads that both couples wear that allow the She Stim kit to send a surge of pleasurable electrical energy to run through your bodies as you touch. It feels amazing! If you like soft, tingly pleasure , then stick to the lower levels, but if you like experimenting with a more intense form of stimulation then work your way up 18 different power levels. You have 7 modes of stimulation to pick from including a steady flow, pulsating, escalating and variable modes. Kissing, massage, stroking, rubbing and any form of contact feels quite extraordinary. And if you like the sound of that, then just imagine getting oral sex while using the She Stim. This is a great couple’s toy that can be used and enjoyed all year round for when you want to experiment and enjoy some incredible and different sensations.

If bondage makes you think of dungeons and PVC clad mistresses then think again.  Bondage means to restrain. So basically allows both of you to take different roles – one as submissive and the other as dominant.  This exchange of power can add a really exciting element to your relationship and can also help with trust.  There are many types of bondage kits from soft to hard.  By simply adding a blindfold and tying the hands we are thrown into the unknown and the dominant feels a sense of power and control that can excite and delight.

Ever thought about swapping roles for a night?  Using a strap on in a straight couple set up is no longer a taboo. This is a very common fantasy and there is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed about it. Many straight men wonder if this fantasy or act makes them gay. Let me reassure you that this is not the case.  If this is something you would like to try I would recommend this Sportsheets New Comers Strap On Kit. It’s really comfortable for the woman to wear and it’s a nice, small, soft dong that is perfect for beginners to anal. Don’t forget the lubricant guys.

Here’s to a sexy and satisfying Valentine’s Day – or night!

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