Travelling with sex toys

Whether you’re jetting off on an exotic holiday for two or taking the whole family to your favorite beach, you might want to take some of your favourite sex toys with you. That’s a great idea, but bears some thinking about to make sure you get through security without any trouble and that everything is in good working order on arrival.

Here’s a few tips to make travelling with sex toys a little bit easier:

Know the Law – If you’re travelling internationally, make sure you know the international laws for travelling with sex toys as some countries might not allow certain types of toys or confiscate them from you. Best be in the know before you go!

Take any batteries out of battery-operated items! – If your bag starts vibrating, whether it’s a carry on bag or one you’ve checked through, you can be sure you will be delayed. Any vibrating bag will be checked thoroughly so better to make sure that doesn’t happen. Besides, it’s better for the toy and the batteries to be stored separately.

Take extra batteries – You never know for sure if you’ll be able to find what you want where you’re going, so if you’re taking battery-operated toys, take extra back up batteries!

Pack condoms – Much better to take them with you than find out you can’t buy them where you are or that they’re really expensive. Better safe than sorry!

Pack wisely – There seems to be a difference of opinion over whether it’s better to pack sex toys in your carry on bag or your check through bag. Do what feels right for you. Either way, if the person scanning your bags doesn’t recognize an item, chances are they will take it out and have a look. For this reason, it’s a great idea to put each individual toy in either it’s original packaging (if you still have it) or in a clear bag with a note that identifies what it is.

Lubricant – Probably best to put this in your check on bag as you are only allowed to carry 100ml of liquid in your carry on bag. It’s always a good idea to put lube in a clear, sealable plastic bag in case it leaks in your bag.

If you do get your bag checked, remember that there is nothing wrong with carrying sex toys and it’s your own business what you get up to. Be polite and answer any questions honestly. Generally security staff are just trying to keep you safe.

Wishing you happy, safe and super hot summer fun!

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