Top tips for having sex while it’s snowing

There’s something about the idea of being snowed in that is quite sexy. You get the day off work (hopefully) because as soon as snow falls the entire UK transport network seizes up like an ancient boiler, then you can spend the whole day in bed with someone, shagging under the blankets until the snow starts to melt.

You get the chance to play with all your favourite sex toys, swap bucket list ideas for the ones you want to buy next, and at some point maybe tumble out of bed to make toast to get your energy up for the next bout of enthusiastic shagging. In fact, so sexy is the snow that there’s even a poem about it. By Mary Ruffle, it’s called ‘Snow’, and it begins with the line:

“Every time it starts to snow, I would like to have

Understandable. But crucially, if you’re feeling frisky after having a snowball fight, there are a few things you need to know about sex in the snow.

1. People can see you more clearly

If you’re hoping to get a bit frisky in the frigid outdoors, know that your nocturnal naughtiness is going to be a bit more visible to everyone else. The eerie not-quite-darkness that comes from snow reflecting much more light means that even if you’re shagging in the wintry-wonderland comfort of your own back garden, your neighbours still might get a peek if they open their bedroom window. If you really want to get it on in the snow, I recommend picking a nice dense fir tree to hide behind.

2. Metal and glass can be sticky in the cold

No bracing yourself against the washing line: you know what happens when you poke your tongue onto a cold metal pole – it sticks. Not a good look.

And if you’re planning on using your metal butt plug or glass dildo? Prepare them by popping them in a glass of warm water for 5 minutes before you get started on the fun.

3. You can make the most amazing snow angels

If the above tips haven’t put you off, then please consider trying out an art project idea I just came up with: sex position snow angels. You know when you lie in the snow and wave your arms, the imprint looks a bit like an angel? Well, I really want to see what the resulting print looks like from: doggy style, missionary, cowgirl, and any other intriguing sex positions. If you do it right you could create a series of sexy artworks worthy of being hung in the Tate.

4. There are warmer ways to shag!

I’m guessing few people are actually keen to get naked in the freezing snow, so for those of you who’d prefer your sex warm rather than cold, staying inside under the blankets is probably your best bet. And there are even sex toys that will help you warm up on days like this!


It’s true: the Svakom Adonis ribbed rabbit vibrator, as well as delivering vibrations to your clit and G-spot, will also warm up at the touch of a button. So even if it’s a bit chilly in your bedside drawer, you won’t need to yelp when you first start using the toy. If you’d prefer a butt plug or G-spot vibe, they’ve got you covered on that front too. The toys will warm up to just slightly-above body temperature for a more comfortable start to your wintery sex games.


If you’re not a fan of warming toys, how about trying some warming lube? I’ve used this quite a lot before and it’s hard to sum up the sensation properly – it’s a little like deep heat (though not nearly as strong!) and it gives you a tingly, pleasantly warm sensation wherever you spread it.


So whatever you’re doing in the snow – be it sledging, snowball fights, shoveling the driveway, or having a quickie behind the densest tree in your garden – why not pick up some fun sexy things to warm you up when you get back inside?

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