Top sex and fertility tips this Easter

Easter – the traditional celebration of fertility!

Here at we want to offer the best possible assistance and advice we can for a happy and fulfilling sex life. As well as being hugely enjoyable, the primary of sex is to reproduce… so if this is what you’re trying to achieve, you’ve come to the right place!



Both of you need to be aware of the best timing to have sex if you’re trying to conceive. She will need to know her ovulation cycle, which can be pinpointed using many features online, apps, or traditional methods which your doctor can inform you of. Other charts and intimate techniques can be supplied there too. He can help by keeping his sperm at their peak… the trick is not too much sex which can diminish the quality of the sperm, but rather sex at the right times. This can mean masturbating less for him too and instead, putting it where it counts, when it counts!


The medical profession have said that any sex position is as good as another, when it comes to the best for conception. However, you may wish to do your part by laying with your legs up against the wall with a pillow under your bottom for 20 minutes afterwards. Even if it’s not proven to work, it’s a great excuse for a nice rest in bed afterwards! Why not make the trying fun and work your way through the entire Kama Sutra while you’re at it?


If you do have to use lubricant during sex, if you’re trying to conceive we would recommend using a sperm friendly one. Waterbased lube is the least artificial and shouldn’t delay sperm. We recommend Slide lube from Loving Joy which is a brilliant all rounder for the bedroom.

Daily Helps

You can assist in conception even when you’re not doing ‘the deed’. Making sure you both have a good diet, cutting down on alcohol and engaging in regular exercise (the out of bed kind!) will all make sure you are both in the best physical form to reproduce. It’s best if he doesn’t wear tight underwear which can restrict blood flow and make the area too hot. Try to keep stress to a minimum.

Keep the fun

Above all, keep sex fun. Romance, foreplay and spice will stop the act from becoming a routine and mandatory chore. Any undue pressure won’t help matters at all! Sex should be intensely pleasurable, so keep it that way. You’re trying to reach a destination, but it doesn’t mean the journey has to be tough and arduous!


Follow our Easter fertility tips to help you achieve conception success this year. It may take a while to happen, or it may be very sudden – but regardless, you’ll have an enjoyable time doing it!

Happy Easter and good luck from all here at



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