Tone up down below for better sex

If you want better sex then work those muscles. No not your leg muscles your Pelvic floor muscles!

They are the muscles that hold your bladder, intestines and uterus (in women),  they run from the pubic bone at the front of your pelvis to the base of the spine at the back. As you get older your pelvic floor muscles weaken. Childbirth can cause a lot of strain on these muscles and women that have had children will find that their muscles aren’t as strong. The good news is, they can be worked out and shaped up like any other muscle.

It’s hard enough making time to tone muscles we can see so it’s even easier to’ let go’ of a set of muscles you never see. But you can feel them and having strong pelvic floor muscles will benefit both men and women. Men will gain more control of their penis, have longer lasting and more intense orgasms, prevent incontinence (not being able to hold your pee) and can help with erectile dysfunction (difficulty in getting or keeping an erection) For women, having strong pelvic floor muscles will increase sensitivity during sex, make orgasms feel stronger and last longer, and also help prevent incontinence.

First you need to find these muscles. You can feel them by trying to hold your urine while going to the toilet. The muscles you tighten and retract to stop the flow are your Pelvic Floor Muscles. Start off by doing 10 repetitious squeezes. You can then build up by trying to hold each squeeze for 3- 5 seconds at first, building up to 10 seconds per squeeze. The more pelvic floor exercises you do the better so find some time during your day to fit them in. The great thing is that you can do them at any time you like without anyone else having to know.

There are now products that woman can buy to help strengthen the PF’s. We have a wide range of Ben Wa balls which are very popular. They are various sized balls, some come with small weights inside. You pop them inside your vagina and carry on about your day. Tone while you’re working, driving, ironing, or watching TV! As your body maneuvers the balls move around, making your body aware that there is something inside you therefore causing your PF’s to tighten and contract. They also feel quite pleasurable as well!

Luna beads by Lelo are amazing and very popular, especially for women that have just given birth. They come with 2 sets of balls with different weights so you can mix and match to find the perfect combination for you. They also have lovely packaging and an instruction brochure inside. Lelo is a top quality brand that delivers the best quality.

You can also get Electronic devices to tone the PF’s. They work by sending a small electrical charge through the muscle without causing pain. They usually consist of a probe that is inserted into the vagina and a controller. The woman can relax and turn the setting on to the one that’s right for her and let the machine tone her up effortlessly.

There are also spring activated toners which are slightly more dated now. They look like a curling tong. You insert the end with the spring in the middle and squeeze the two parts together.

Whichever method you choose to use is up to you. But know that you and your partner will benefit loads from having strong pelvic floor muscles. So everyone- let’s get squeezing!

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