The year 2015 in sex toy reviews

It’s so nearly Christmas. If we weren’t having unseasonably mild weather (read: rain) then you’d almost be able to smell the snow. So I thought it would be fun to give you a bit of last-minute gift inspiration via some of the great reviews of SexToys products in 2015.

Super-hung heroes: The Hammer (via EmmelinePeaches)

If you’ve been following the Vibe blog for more than about five minutes you’ll know already how much I LOVE the super-hung heroes range of sex toys. From Iron Man to Batman via the Incredible Hulk’s cock, these toys are not only playful they’re also beautiful. And super-nerdy to boot.

So I’m really chuffed that – according to sex toy reviewer Emmeline Peaches – they also do the job when it comes to their actual purpose too. Check out her review of The Hammer:


“When I first got The Hammer, I have to admit, I did hold it up into the air as if I had been chosen to become the new femme Thor. The geek in me really loves the aesthetics of The Hammer and there’s just no denying it. I was in the zone—posing as if I could summon lighting, or, at the very least, an electrifying orgasm or two.”

Wield your own superhero (and super-orgasmic) hammer for £69.95


Tantus Throb Silicone (via TheBigGayReview)

If you’re less into size and more about the texture then the Tantus Throb may well be your perfect match. Over on his excellent site, The Big Gay Review, one of our favourite toy experts explained:

“As dildos go, it’s a very simple idea, and it works well – it was comfortable to use, it wasn’t too big or too small, it reached my prostate and overall left me in a happy place.”

Get your own Tantus Throb Silicone for just £28.95

Screaming O overtime ring (via Xtracurricular)

Now I wouldn’t want you to think that all the toys are going to be ‘main’ presents – you know, the ones you put under the tree rather than the fun ones which go inside a stocking. As a self-appointed money saving expert of sex toys, I wanted to throw in at least one toy that would suit people on a low budget. And here you go – the Screaming O – a neat, simple, vibrating cock ring, which Xtracurricular explains like this:

“I really liked this toy. We used it without fuss or second thought and the vibrations were powerful. During sex, we forgot about it and were really involved with each other. It just added to our pleasure which is what it’s there to do!”

Grab a Screaming O overtime ring for £18.95


Lelo Gigi 2 (via Horny Geek Girl)

If you’re after something a little subtler – a slender g-spot toy with sensual rather than powerful vibrations, then the Lelo Gigi 2 might be your bag.

Horny Geek Girl recommends it for:

  • people who want a shorter insertable length
  • people who want a more slender g-spot vibrator

You can grab the Lelo Gigi 2 for £89.95


Bound to Please Nipple Clamps (via Justin Decerous)

Obviously, as a massive kinkster myself, I wanted to include a good review for something shiny and sexy which will fit right in to your BDSM play. So check out this review of my absolute favourite nipple clamps from the lovely Justin Decerous. While he had some qualms about the packaging, when it came to the clamps themselves, he is pretty much in the same ‘OMG they’re awesome’ school of thought as I am…

“Advanced players and masochists are going to love them for how intense a sensation they create just by themselves or by pulling on the chain for that extra added oomph! and look great doing so.”

Pick up a pair of Bound to Please nipple clamps for £13.95


Penis pump review (via Cara Sutra)

I found this review super-interesting, because I’ve never used a penis pump with any of my partners. While I’m firmly in the ‘size doesn’t matter – it’s enthusiasm that counts’ camp, I know there are plenty of people who are keen to use pumps to increase their size, or even just their rigidity, prior to sex. What I liked about this review, though, mainly because I’m a big old perv, was that the guy who tested it for Cara Sutra’s pleasure panel pointed out that regardless of effects on his penis, the act of watching him use one was intensely erotic for his partner.

“What did happen though is that my partner found it a massive turn on. She said it was actually nice to have bedroom toys that focused on me for a change and the sight of me using it on myself was a turn on for her. Consequently, I am able to give the pump credit for providing me with quite the session of hot, filthy sex straight after its use. And for that, whether it completed the intended job or not, I will always be grateful.”

Pick up a Pipedream penis pump for just £14.95




After Dark Soy pheromone massage candle (via Naughty Corner)

Let’s end on something a little romantic, shall we? After all, what’s cosier than snuggling up next to your loved one beside a roaring fire or by the Christmas tree, engaging in a little sensual massage, then shagging twelve days of Christmas out of each other?

This candle review can be found over at the Naughty Corner…

“I really like this candle, although I am not a fan of floral aromas, this candle doesn’t over-do the senses.  It has a subtle smell of orchid but it smells more fruit-like, when the wick is lit.  As it is made from soy wax, it’s melting degree is low, so this enables couples to pour the heated wax over each-other, at their desired rate.”

Grab an After Dark massage candle for £14.45


Phew! OK. There are plenty more amazing sex toy reviews out there, but I for one am knackered. That’s not to say I’m finished, though: if you’ve spotted an awesome review of one of our products, get in touch with me on twitter and let me know – I’ll be doing more shoutouts to some amazing sex toy reviewers in the new year. And if you’ve bookmarked the products above that you want to get someone for Christmas, then check out the Christmas bargains as well and get your order in quick to make sure you get it in time to put under the tree…

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