The ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ game…

Let’s face it, no matter how much we all love sex, sometimes we’re not in the mood for the wild, swinging from the chandelier sex, or even full on penetrative sex, but we are in the mood for some intimacy and connection, thank you very much. Here’s a lovely way to spend some sensual time together without any of the pressure of how it ‘must’ be.

You can play the Please and Thank You game. Ok, it’s not really a game as such, but it is a wonderful way to connect and play together. Here’s how it works:

Decide who is going to receive first. This person can ask for anything they want and they have to say Please – Please would you rub my feet? Please would you make me a cuppa and bring me a blanket? Please would you stroke my belly with this feather? Please would you slowly lick your way down my back? Please would you use this dildo on me, v e r y s l o w l y. You get the idea.

The person who is doing the offering says ‘Thank you for your request’ and then takes some time to decide if that is something they can provide at that time. If they’re up for it – great! If they’re not, they ask the receiver, ‘Please can you ask for something else’.

The receiver will then say, (you guessed it!) ‘Thank you for asking’ and will take a moment to think of something else they’d like to receive. Eventually, through all the Pleases and Thank you’s you’ll agree on something and off you go. Receiver, when your turn is over, makes sure you say Thank you again.

It might feel a bit silly to start with, however after some time it actually starts to feel pretty good. So often we just expect our partners to guess what we’d like or we demand it of them. ‘Please’ feels really good to hear. We also forget to say Thank you to our partners. It’s a great way to acknowledge that we’ve heard our partner and that we value what they’ve said.

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