The perfect Valentine’s evening in

Who needs over priced restaurants or gestures that cost a lot but say little?

All you need is the one you love and a little inspiration.

Preparation is key

If you dress sexy, you feel sexy.  Treating yourself or your partner to some sexy lingerie is a great start to a steamy night.  If you’re a man buying for your lady, try to think about what she will like as well, as what will turn you on.  If she isn’t comfortable she won’t feel confident and sex will almost certainly be a flop.  The same goes for the girls.  If you’re dressing to impress, try to think about what your man will like – does he have a fantasy that you could fulfil?

Set the mood

I love candles.  Not only can they set the mood with their flattering light, if you opt for a massage candle or pheromone infused candle, they can take you all the way from dinner to afters!

A way to a man’s (or women’s) heart is through their stomach

Although some may be cynical about this special day, the reason I will always celebrate it is because it makes us take the time to celebrate our relationships.   Too often we can take our loved ones for granted and it’s important to share time, talk and appreciate each other.  Sharing a dinner makes us do that, whether we are the ones cooking or being cooked for, it’s the taking time to sit and spend time with each other whilst eating that’s important.

If you want to add some humour to your Valentine’s meal or want to make your intentions clear, try the Kama Sutra Pasta.  Look closely and you will see that each pasta shape is that of a sexual position.

Moving things on

If everyday life has got in the way and you and your partner need to re connect, Valentine’s Day is a great time to do it.  I am a big fan of erotic massage.  It’s perfect for creating intimacy and can help you both get in the mood if your libidos are low.  We have a vast selection of massage oils or massage candles to choose from aswell as massagers and DVD’s.

Spice things up with some after dinner games!  Games like monogamy, Sex Casino and Sexual Roleplay have all been designed to make sex fun and exciting and help you try new things.  They’re brilliant for all couples whether in a new or established relationship.

If you and your partner are pretty active in the bedroom anyway, you may want to try something new like bondage or roleplay or maybe one of you has always wanted to try anal sex.  Valentine’s Day is the best excuse to explore new avenues and sharing this experience is sure to leave a lasting impression.

However you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day – make sure it’s one to remember!

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