The Joy of Blindfolds

It’s funny really – when asked what my top tip is for better sex, I always say ‘take time to look into each other’s eyes’. Being present with each other through the eyes immediately deepens intimacy in truly amazing ways. The funny thing is, I also really believe in the power of a blindfold to take sex to new and exciting places.

Because blindfolds can be used for so many different things, they are a must for all sexual adventurers. Whether you’re sexually curious and playful, exploring your kinky side or treading a tantric path, there are lots of fun, sexy uses for a blindfold.

When we lose one of our senses, it immediately heightens our other senses. If you are blindfolded suddenly touch, smell, sound and taste are exaggerated and have more of a charge to them. Wearing a blindfold also means that you have to surrender to trust. You can’t see what is about to be offered to you and so must trust that your partner will look after you. Blindfolds also offer you the opportunity to tune out all the usual distractions so that you can focus purely on the physical sensations you are experiencing, whether that be touch, taste, sound or smell.

If you want to try something new with your partner, or are feeling a bit shy or self conscious buy a blindfold, pop it on them and you’ve suddenly got all sorts of freedom to express yourself. They can’t see you so you don’t have to worry what it looks like. You could oil yourself up and treat them to a full body-to-body sensual massage, you could very gently stroke their whole body with a feather or your hands, you could lick and nibble them from head to toe! Don’t do anything too rough or surprising without getting their permission first though. Remember it is the responsibility of the person with sight to keep the blindfolded person safe.

If you’ve got permission and you’ve discussed what things you’d both like to play with (and any necessary safe words), you could try restraining them, giving them a kinky spanking or offering them some more extreme sensual sensations such as using a wartenburg wheel or hot wax. Remember that each of these things will be heightened for them when they’ve got a blindfold on. Even just blowing cool or hot air over their body will feel exquisite to them.

When you’re ready to remove your partner’s blindfold, remember that they will be sensitive to light. Put your hand gently over their eyes as you take the blindfold off. Tell them to keep their eyes closed as you move your hand away and then let them open their eyes in their own time. Stay there with them and if it feels right to you, be the first thing they see when they open their eyes.


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