The importance of touch

Touch is absolutely essential for us humans to thrive. Science has proven this over and over again, and let’s face it, we just know it intuitively anyway.We need a good regular dose of some form of touch, not necessarily sexual, in order to be healthy, grounded and sane.

Positive, loving sexual touch is great if you can get it, but what if you can’t? I hear so often from clients that apart from the crowded train they ride to work, they rarely get touched at all. This is really unhealthy, especially over a prolonged period of time.

The great news is that getting some form of regular touch will not only boost your health and self-esteem, but will also make your sex life better. Regular touch helps you to be in your body and to look after it. Regular touch helps to lower your blood pressure and reduce stress. The more you’re aware of your body and relaxed, the more enjoyable sex is likely to be.

Here are some ways to bring more touch into your life:

Massage – Massage is an easy and accessible way to receive touch. There are massage places popping up on high streets all over the place. If there’s not one near you, try a local salon or spa. Ask your friends for recommendations too. Perhaps they’d be up for a massage swap! A good massage has so many benefits you can’t go wrong

Thai yoga massage & other complimentary therapies – If massage isn’t your thing or you’d like to try something different, how about Reflexology, Cranio-sacral therapy or aromatherapy? Any therapy that involves the therapist’s hands on you in some way will be beneficial.

Learn tango or some other kind of partnered dance – Ok, don’t go there and be the creep that is trying to cop a feel of someone else. That is non-consensual and not what I’m talking about. If you genuinely have an interest in learning to dance and are enthusiastic about it, you will get to dance close with lots of others who are interested in the same thing.

If you’re a bit adventurous you could try a tantra or kink workshop. The workshop itself may or may not include touching as such, but you are likely to meet folk who would be up for a massage swap or at least a damn good hug.

Ask a close friend or relative for a hug!

Visit a sacred intimate or professional sexual healer.


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