The Grafenberg Spot – it’s not a place to watch Zeppelins

So the summer’s more or less gone and we’ve all had our adventures, so I thought I’d share something that’ll make up for the passing of the hot weather and sultry nights and keep the heat on as the chill of autumn marches towards us – the Grafenberg Spot

Hopefully you read my post about finding your lady’s clitoris and you’ve followed my advice about clipping and cleaning your finger nails, because now more than ever your going to need to make sure you have.

The Grafenberg Spot, or G-spot, has long been argued over as to whether or not it exists. It was originally documented by a 17th century Dutch doctor, van Graaf, who was doing research into female ejaculation (another hotly debated topic for another time) but was named after Ernst Grafenberg in 1981 when research on human sexuality drew on his 1940s description of the spot’s location, and then the following year a popular book was published with the G-spot as one of its main topics. Interestingly enough Grafenberg wasn’t looking for the spot he became famous for – he was interested in female urethral stimulation (and we’ll save that for another time too).

Even now some doctors and physiologists claim it doesn’t exist, but I’m here to tell you it must because I seem to find it every time.

The G Spot, unlike the clitoris, is inside the vagina, however just because you can’t see it that doesn’t mean its not there. No-one is quite sure what its actual function is but what it definitely has is lots of nerve endings. Think of it as an internal clitoris, if you want.

Stimulating it properly can cause a lady to have really intense orgasms, sometimes more so than from her clit. It’s not guaranteed though as, just like our friend the pink pearl, G-Spots vary in size and sensitivity. They aren’t related in size, so it seems, with their more easily found buddy, so a larger one does not guarantee it being more sensitive

So, where is this almost mythical beast? And how do you find her? Like all good expeditions you need to prepare properly – we’re entering hot, damp (even wet) bush territory!

Get your lady wet. I don’t mean tip a glass of water on her, I mean use all your wiles to get her horny – even use my suggestions for playing with her clit and going down on her to really get her juices flowing. Let’s remember this is about her pleasure after all. If things take a little where longer than planned or she’s a little anxious then a little lube may be in order because now you are going to slip a finger inside her (for God’s sake guys, clean and clipped finger nails!!)

Ideally you want your lady on her back. Gently slip your finger in, palm facing upwards so you can slightly curve your finger to feel the “roof” of her pussy (by the way-look before you leap – you’ll be pushing past her urethra, not into it. Make sure you don’t put your finger in that hole as will almost definitely hurt her).

As you go deeper you’re feeling for a bump or knot of muscly tissue, between one and three inches inside her. You should know it when your find it as the tissue around it is generally quite soft and yielding, whereas this isn’t (if you look at this diagram you’re trying to find number 4).

If you’ve found it, well done. If not, gently explore a little more, they’re not all in exactly the same spot. You may leave to go deeper or move to the side a little to find it.

For most women the sensation of your finger rubbing against that spot is massively arousing, so take your time and caress, move back and forth, in circles, from side to side – find out if you can make her moan and gasp from the pleasure of what you’re doing. If her moaning and gasp isn’t from pleasure then back off, go a bit more gently.

Some ladies need or like the pressure of two finger tips (some even three, if they can accommodate the girth of your digits). Some need only gentle brushing, others need more pressure – explore with her, ask her what works. Pretty soon you’ll find her grinding against your fingers as she wants more, and trust me if she’s enjoying it and you’re doing it right she will.

An added trick is to play with her clit at the same time – a lady can have multiple orgasms, one after the other but she can have separate orgasms from her clit and G- spot. Get those babies to hit at the same time and – well, watch and see.

Now you’re found her G-Spot you come to realise why doggie style is consistently voted as most women’s favourite sexual position. Get your member rubbing against that and she will cum time and again (remember what I said about not needing the biggest cock? There you go – it just has to be big enough to hit the spot, so to speak). It also explains the plethora of G-Spot dildos and vibes, like the ones you find on

Don’t forget, size, location and sensitivity vary. For some ladies it is difficult to locate her G-Spot, with others its it needs lots of stimulation. For Some ladies it’s ultra-sensitive to the point of being painful. The key is to explore with her, ask her what works and what doesn’t.

It’s over to you fellas now. Learn how to use your cock, fingers and tongue working in concert with her clitoris and G-Spot and make the lady in your life believe you’re a sex God!

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